Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, What A Day!

After living without an air conditioner for the past 2 months (not by choice, it broke:) the weather this week has been nothing short of a gift. It has been BEAUTIFUL.....the kind of weather that smells good, feels good and makes you happy. I can't seem to keep the kids in the house! Here's what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window on Monday:

Like Landis's attire? If that boy owned nothing more than a pair of hanes, he'd be happy as a lark. Yup, those would also be new white socks.... they are now red clay mud stained...and will be worn until he outgrows them :)

Today is also lovely. The kids woke up SOOO happy. So, we set off to run some errands to prepare for Evangeline's birthday party tomorrow. Note to self: When planning a hula-hoop party, first make sure you can find hula-hoops... apparently stores only sell these in the summer (is it not always summer in the south?) First to Dollar General... all started off well. Suddenly Landis spied a plastic gun for $1 and totally lost it. I'm talking "fall apart in the store" like we haven't seen in a long time. No, though tempting, I did not buy the gun for the sake of sanity. During this through down, he decides he has to go to the bathroom now. So, we break out of line and haul off to find the bathroom. Great, Dollar General doesn't have a public restroom. On the way back to line (yea, Landis still crying and doing the "have to go to the bathroom" dance), Samuel goes to bite me, misses and smacks his lip on the side of the cart. Now, 2 crying boys. Finally, back in line.... I smile at the lady and ask how her day is going. She sizes up our show and mumbles, "fine." Then comes the inevitable question... "Do they not go to school?" I haven't yet figures out if that is a polite way of asking me if I am crazy or honestly wondering why kids are in public during the sacred quiet morning hours at the store. "Yes, we have completed our studies for the morning and work more on reading this afternoon," is my well-thought-through reply. ("We home school" sounds like a "we don't do any school" reply.) She just looks back at me, perplexed. I continue to smile as the crying and potty dance intensifies. I would regale you with our next stop at Wal-Mart and then Ingles, but for the sake of not totally stressing you out, I will leave it at that. Just use your imagination, as more of the above was our morning. Now, back at home, Samuel is resting and the kids are happily playing outside. I lots more to post about the adoption, fundraising, etc., but while Samuel is asleep, I must go sew. I am going to have a booth at Junior Leagues Market Place on the 24th, and my goal is to have 100 Flitterbug dresses, plus lots of hair bows, ready for it. So, off I go to sew like a nut! Enjoy this beautiful day!

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