Tuesday, April 19, 2011

$25 Sunsuit Sale!

This week only .........Tuesday through Saturday...

Sunsuit Sale!

Just $25

Choose your fabric...and make your purchase below. Be sure to email (jubug231@aol.com) me with the size and fabric choice you would like! (The sunsuit comes in size newborn to 3T)

We are just 25 Flitterbugs away the end of our adoption/finalization journey!!Praising the Lord for His provision! Thank you all for being a part!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Burrito Babies

This may be my most favorite picture yet of the babies.

I could just squish them:)

There is something about watching twins sleep. For one, it doesn't happen often. (He-He)

Something about seeing two little ones snuggled up together....and how they scoot and squirm closer to each other even as they sleep.

What a gift the Lord has given these little ones in each other.

What a gift He has entrusted to us!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Out Takes:)

This week....I attempted to take A picture of all 5 kids. Having a handful of littles is teaching me many wonderful, sanctifying lessons. One such lesson is this:

Lower your standard of perfection in the areas of life that do not matter, and take captive every moment you have with your children to instruct and nurture them in the arenas of life that do matter.

In a nutshell....a perfect cute picture of all 5 kids....with all 5 kids dressed beautifully, and all smiling at looking at the camera.....has no eternal value. ummm.....I tried like a nut to get that perfect picture this week....all good advice and sage lessons aside:) The first few shots...they were pretty happy.

By about shot 15......Jordan was becoming concerned that this is what the rest of his life would look like. A constant attempt for all of them to "look" and "smile"on cue.
Oh....and it was vitally important that all 5 kids clothing be showing.
Because since I am on this, "Don't worry about the things that are trivial in life" kick......
.....I am trying to win a $100 Kelly's Kids gift card. I may need to be reminded of that life lesson again:)
At about this point...I began to promise a piece of gum to anyone who would smile.
.....then I upped it to a piece of gum and a piece of candy....
Nearing shot 50.....
...Samuel was done.
Bribery no longer had any effect on him:)
Four out of 5 kids looking at the camera.....the cute Kelly's Kids outfits my sweet mother in law and sister in law gave the kiddos sort of showing........

This will just have to be it. I'm thinking my new definition of a good picture involved one where no child is crying or picking their nose. How do you with 13 kids do this?!?! :)
I love my little people.....and know that one day I will tear up just looking at these pictures and remembering when life was so wonderfully full. Great is the Lord!

And if you want to help us win that worldly $100.......pop on over to Kelly's Kids and "like" them. Then scroll down to our picture and "like" it. Consider it a little shout out for the peanuts:)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ready to Take Your Orders!

You may notice a few changes......

I am not offering near as many styles this summer....trying to simplify and streamline every possible aspect of life right now:)

So, I'll be sewing the 3 most requested dresses.....and the new, super-cute Sun Suit!

You may notice a small change in price. In the past I have spent lots of time searching for high quality fabric which is on sale. I love a good deal! However, after paying attention to the amount of time I was spending searching for that fabric....it was not worth it! The new price reflects buying nice, in season fabric at regular price.

I also have tweaked the method of purchase...which should make it easier on you!

Fabrics.....are now listed with their coordinates. No more trying to decide from an online picture if the fabrics you have chosen match up!

I am also going to start posting ready to ship sale dresses on the Flitterbugs Facebook page.

Also....I am now offering gift certificates! Send a little love to your granddaughter or other special girlie.........and they can choose their Flitterbug.

I plan on taking orders from today through the September. Sometime in July I will have a Christmas in July Sale!

Since I am homeschooling the children, I do not plan on sewing in the fall and winter. If it is still cold in your neck of the woods and you need warmer clothes hop on over to my friend Sallee's site.......I believe she will be sewing year round!

I'm looking forward to sewing for you little Flitterbugs again!