Friday, October 9, 2009

Thankful For the Flies

A few days ago, while the weather was nice, we opened the porch door for a bit. During this small amount of time, a plague of flies took up residence in our home. I have spent the last few days searching for fly traps/swatters at various stores. Guess what? Fly swatters (along with hula hoops :) are a seasonal item and they only carry them in the summer. WHAT? It was 90 degrees today. I made an impromptu swatter, which was not very effective, however the kids had a blast watching me swipe the air. 10 down, only about 60 to go. Maybe I should check the garden center for a venus fly trap...would be a good school activity anyhow.

Samuel woke up with earache-like symptoms this morning, so rather then achieve my totally over the top goal of sewing 10 flitterbug dresses for marketplace, baby and I headed into town. I whipped up some yummy pumpkin muffins to take to the pediatrician's office, and then walked out the door and left them on the counter. On the way, I hit a squirrel. Seconds before Dr. Berry entered the exam room, Samuel tripped and cute his lip. Great. Thankfully, he a quick recoveror. Both ears and his throat were red, so off we head to the pharmacy. Now, Samuel is way happy in the huge "car" grocery cart...heading down a tight isle to the pharmacy window, I bump into a big display, and a mountain of cough drops comes crashing down. Samuel laughed and clapped his hands in delight! yea, it was loud and embarassing. Onlookers weren't so impressed. After an hour and a half, our prescription is ready. we head home; on the way my check engine, oil and maintenance required lights all come on. perfect. Get home, clean up a terrible exploded diaper and realize I have about 30 minutes to sew before its time to cook dinner.

As I began to fix dinner, I looked out the window to see my happy little ones running and laughing outside. So it was kind of one of "those days". And you know what? My heart is so full of thankfulness. I am thankful for the flies; they aren't the malaria infested mosquitoes that most of the world has to deal with. We have a wonderful doctor whom we love and have total confidence in. For $4 I was able to purchase an antibiotic that will help my baby heal.... so many people have no access to any type of doctor or medicine. Yep, we wandered aimlessely in Kroger for over an hour...guess who we found when we were mom! (she "lives" at Kroger :)So we may have car troubles... we do have a car and we will find a way to keep it running! All these things are really not a big deal or means for complaint. Many of you are facing real trials...some had suffered gut wrenching loss. It would be so easy to look at the world in which we live, to see the pain and the suffering and to be totally devastated. Oh, for the confidence and hope which awaits us, which can be ours to have! I am thankful tonight for the little trials that are but a hiccup in my day. It is good to be reminded what and who life is about. In the grand scheme of things, and looking at the blessing which surround us, what's the big deal with a few flies :) And in the words of Anne Shirley..."tomorrow is always a new day, with no mistakes in it!"

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