Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Appliance Goes Down!

I had thought that every major appliance we own had given out in the last few weeks..... I had forgotten that the dryer was still running faithful..


It is no more. I am trying to do a better job of coming up with solutions and just making it work, rather than call Kenny and unload how "woe is me" that something is on the blink or someone is having a rough day. "Buck up and isn't so bad"... I am trying to remind myself of this!
So, no dryer? No big deal. I tied up a clothes line in the backyard on Monday; then followed a full 38 hours of trenching rain. We were totally out of clean clothes at this point; Landis informed me that he didn't have any "good" underwear, so he wasn't wearing any. Love my boy :) Yesterday, I loaded up the kids, the school books and the 185 loads of dirty laundry we had sittin' and headed to my favorite laundry mat- my moms:) I love my moma... she sent me home with lots of yummy leftovers, so I didn't have to cook last night...which was good, seeing as we were at the "laundry mat" all day.

I finally bought the kids some warm pj's....they love "feet pajamas"! Evangeline wanted to take a Christmas picture...she has already caught on that matching pajamas mean Christmas card! I suppose I could go ahead and check that off my list!

Landis...way overdue for a haircut!

I was soo tempted to buy a matching size 2 girl's pj's.... a bit early for that, I know!
Happy Wednesday to you all!

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