Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a lovely included: a hayride at a birthday party (if we look hotter than warthogs, we are. The last week of September is still sportin' 90 degrees down south)On Sunday we celebrated the baptism of our little nephew, Pearce.
Above is the never ending attempt of taking a picture in which all 3 kids smile and no one sticks their tongue out. Close... we'll keep trying

Below is precious baby Pearce. How beautiful is the heirloom gown my Aunt Jan made!!! I have this daydream of me and Aunt Jan being in her "sewing sweatshop" (her garage :) surrounded by berninas and vikings, batiste and lace......... one day, Aunt Jan!!

John David and Katie are such good parents! John David is also becoming a complete hero to Landis..... he has great things like remote control airplanes and such!

Now trying for a picture of all 4 Miller grandbabies!

On to today... so what does Samuel do while we do school? He is a total ham! Today he was especially wild. At one point we went outside so he could let some energy out; all was great until he sat down in an ant bed. This little guy keeps me hoppin'!

OK, so what is the below picture of???? Our loot from CVS today. Total cost before sales and coupons: $58.33. (I would NEVER pay that much for all of this stuff!) After sales and my coupons, I paid $18.70......but here is the fun part... I got $17 back in ECB's (Extra Care Bucks). So it's like I paid just $1.70 for all of this great stuff! I love CVS! The bottom of my receipt reads: Fall 2009 spending: $41.21 Year to Date Savings: $1,049.72

Happy Monday to you all!!

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