Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Fabrics.....Sewing for Africa

Several new fabrics are cute!
Pop on over and have a look.
All profits from this weeks orders go to help the Horn of Africa.
Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flitterbugs....for Africa

You have probably heard of the horrific drought that is affecting the Horn of Africa. Approximately 12 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and surrounding countries are being ravaged by lack of rain....and now lack of food.
We have been sponsoring a young girl in Ethiopia through Compassion International for almost 9 years. Her name in Shitaye, and she is now 14 years old. Last week we received news that Shitaye is in an area which is suffering greatly from the drought. Compassion International is working to respond to to this great crisis, and to aid children and families with not nourishment, but the love and hope of Christ.

I am sure like many of you, my heart breaks at the images of hungry children....suffering peoples.

Starting today....and until I get the maximum amount of orders I can reasonably finish.....

 80% of all profits from Flitterbugs will go to Compassion International's efforts to help the Horn of Africa.

Compassion has been within these countries for years, and is wise and effective in the manner in which they distribute aid.

Pop on over and pick out a dress for your little one.....and each time she wears it, pray for those so greatly affected by this drought!

Friday, July 22, 2011

$25 Ready to Ship!

Little Stash of Sale Flitterbug Dresses......made and ready to ship!
To purchase, leave a comment or email me ......let me know which dress you would like.
$25, shipping included.....all profits go to Sallee!
I will mail the dresses out in the morning.
(Size and description from left to right)

Size 2- Sweet Divinity
Size 2-Meadowsweet
Size 3- Feelin' Groovy-SOLD!
Size 4-Pretty Bird Flowers-SOLD!
Size 5-Whimsy

Thank you!

(And thank you for all who prayed for our birthmother meeting yesterday. It was wonderful! Our hearts are full!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Too Late!

(Eliana helping me sew:)

I was going to end the "Flitterbugs for Poppy Dip" on Wednesday......
But I'm almost caught up on orders and decided to extend it a few more day!
All profits from any order you place through Sunday will go to the Couch family.
Lots of cute fabrics are up....pop on over and take a look!

(Sweet Ansley in her "Katie" dress)

Kenny, the twins and I are off to a few special visit this morning.......
A much prayed for opportunity to meet Jordan and Eliana's birthmother!
I am excited, but also nervous. We would really appreciate your prayers. We pray today will be an opportunity to share the love of Christ, and to let this precious young woman know how deeply we care for her. Thank you for praying!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Run for Adoption!

Do you love adoption? Are you interested in adoption....or just love life and want to spend a special morning celebrating life?
Would you like to meet this sweet face......
.....or this one?!?
Covenant Care Services is the agency that loved and cared for our birthmother during her pregnancy, and placed Jordan and Eliana in our arms. Covenant Care offers all services free to any woman who seeks their support or assistance, while also maintaining some of the lowest adoption placement fees in the state of Georgia. How do they accomplish this? Fundraising. Year round, Covenant Care works diligently to make care available to all women around the state and also adoption affordable to families seeking their services.

On Saturday, August 27th, Covenant Care will be hosting the "Ridge Run" in Macon, Georgia. 
My mom racing with my nephew Pearce in last year's Ridge Run!

This is a 5K Run......there will also be a Kiddie Fun Run!
The cost to enter is $15 if you register before August 20th....$20 after the 20th up until race day.
You can go HERE to read more details and register online for the Ridge Run.
Race proceeds will benefits women in unplanned pregnancies, bithmothers, adoptive families.....and those seeking the counsel of Covenant Care!

If you are not able to come to the race, but are interested in the work of Covenant Care Services, you can follow their facebook page HERE. They regularly post videos of families meeting their children for the first time......which I can never get enough of:)

Come out to the race and meet the peanuts.....we would love to see you there!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Littles

How precious are these littles in Flitterbugs?!?!?

Thank you to all who have placed an order! "Flitterbugs for Poppy Dip" will keep on for several more days.

Several new fabrics are up.....pop on over and have a look!

I so enjoy sewing for your little ones.....thank you for giving me the opportunity!
Have a Blessed Weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Fabrics........Flitterbugs for Poppy Dip!

Several cute new fabrics are for back to school!
Pop on over and have a look.
I'm sewing for Sallee this week.......order your Flitterbug for POPPY DIP!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flitterbugs For POPPY DIP!

Not too long after starting our adoption journey, I met Sallee. From the start I have loved following the Couch family......and have so much in common with Sallee. We both love to sew, homeschool our kids, have twins, love adoption and both of our hubbies are cabinet builders.
Sallee and her husband have 6 children....3 bio and 3 adopted from Ethiopia. (Aren't they beautiful!) Sallee runs POPPY DIP, and over the past 2 years has sold something like 2,000 POPPY DIP dresses to bring their precious Samson Jude home. Isn't that amazing?!?! This lady can sew!
Only a few short weeks after bringing Samson Jude home, Sallee unexpectedly found out she has cancer. She has undergone several surgeries, hospital stays, complications and now chemo. Tough, hard chemo. Not only has the Couch family had to deal with the emotional, physical, spiritual and logistical details of bringing a little one home just weeks before discovering the medical bills are piling up. Piling up high. Can you imagine? In a way I think none of us can imagine.....but in a way I think we can let ourselves imagine this situation. We just don't want to, because it is gut wrenching and terrifying.
Would you like to help the POPPY DIP family?!?!
You can!
Flitterbugs for POPPY DIP!

From today until Wednesday, June 20th (or until I get so many orders I can't keep up:)
All profits from the sale of Flitterbugs will go to Sallee's family!

Pop over to my HOME page to choose your style, them pick your favorite fabric (I will be posting new fabrics throughout the week).  Hopefully many, many people will order a Flitterbug for POPPY DIP.....I'll sew as fast as I can and hope to have all order shipped to you within 3 weeks!

This is my first "fundraising" endeavor other than our adoption....and I have no idea how much it will raise. Maybe a little, hopefully a lot....guess it depends on you:)
If you don't have a little girl....pop on over to Sallee's site and leave her a word of encouragement. Please pray for Sallee. Her blood levels are so low at the moment that they have had to postpone her current chemo treatment. If you do not want to order a Flitterbug but would like to make a donation to Sallee....let me know and I will help you get it to them!
Praying for you Sallee!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


(So thankful for my little family.....I can't imagine being more blessed! Later this week we will head down to the courthouse and stand before the judge......the twins adoption will be final,official, complete!)

Clearing out fabrics....making room for more!
All Flitterbug Dresses and "Katie" style dresses.....
$25 Shipping included.
Pop on over to pick your fabric.
This sale will run through Friday!

(And thank you to all who have emailed me and left comments about fundraising with Flitterbugs! I am working on a few details, and will let you all know soon!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Interested in Fundraising with Flitterbugs?!?!

Eliana's new "cheese" face. I could just eat this baby up!

We are a week away from finalization and the end of our (first:) adoption journey.
So many of you have been a part of our twinnines journey home.
So many have prayed, celebrated....and purchased a Flitterbug!
I have prayed and thought for a while now about using Flitterbugs to help others in their adoption fundraising journey. I have some ideas rolling around in my head on how to make that work.....but am wondering if any of you in the fundraising process would be interested??!?!
Leave a comment or send me an email if you would like to partner with Flitterbugs in your journey........
I'll see what the interest is like and let you know what we come up with!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 Months Home

I can't believe that today marks 6 months since Jordan and Eliana were placed in our arms.

For 6 months we have had the joy and privilege of loving them.

For 6 months now we have had the blessing of watching them grow and thrive....

...of hearing every coo and soothing every cry.

For 6 months, the sacredness of life and the divine ways of the Lord have been a constant presence in out home.

My heart today is full of joy.....but also sadness.

Sorrow that today, not every child in America will be viewed as sacred.

Not every child will be "worthy" enough for life.

Young women will be threatened, coerced, pushed and even bribed into a "choice" of convenience.

"Doctors" will pocket money, parents and boyfriends will be spared "embarrassment" and responsibility, politicians will pridefully debate their "protection" of women.....

and those women will be haunted by a life time of hurt and guilt.

Today, close to 3,800 children will be denied their right to life.

Close to 3,800 will not take their first breath, but will succumb to the abortionist's knife.

That's a lot of Caylee Anthonys.

Is our society really so surprised when we say that life has no value, and then people go and de-value life?

Today, we celebrate 2 precious lives that have great value!

We celebrate a birthmother who fought for the right of those lives!

I long for the day when we as a nation celebrate 3,800 precious lives each day who are given life......

what a celebration that will be!