Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Dress and an Adoption Update

Hello Cute.... what says southern lady better than a monogram :) I was going to have Evangeline model the new Monogrammed Flitterbug, but she has been down with fever and so it poses alone. I will update my fabrics page; you can then choose what color corduroy you want for the dress and choose a coordinating ribbon to top the ruffle. Sadly, no, I do not have a monogramming machine, however, I can get the monogram done for you ($12 extra) or you can take it to your favorite monogrammer! As a side note...ever want to re-personalize a garment for a different child...simply pick out the monogram with a seam ripper, spray with a mixtures of water and vinegar... and let dry. You are set to re-monogram!

Evangeline, our never-sick child, and Samuel have been down with the fever thing the past 2 days. Not bad, but enough to feel really lousy. I enjoy pampering my kiddos when they are sick and foresee a "back to reality" day for them tomorrow! I had planned on doing school with Evangeline even when she is sick, but that seemed a bit harsh, so she took 2 sick days. I oftentimes feel this huge weight of responsibility bearing down on me concerning the children's education. This little voice whispers, "It's all up to you....their literacy, their ability to get college scholarships...its all up to you." I need to calm down. We're talking 4K and 5K here.... no SAT'S is sight. I think that little voice is pride... can I "perform" by "making" my children "smart". It is easy for me to loose the vision of why we home school and for whose glory we are trying to raise the children. (This is why I have our "purpose of education" laminated and hung next to our school books. I need constant reminding.)

Landis likes to eat 2 fried eggs each morning for breakfast. (Yup, he gets to go get them from the coop each day!) I made them up and set them at his spot this morning. Someone else found them before he did! Samuel was pretty happy about it:)

And the great part of the day:I was able to spend some time chatting with AGCI today about the adoption. They reviewed our financial worksheet (as we just meet the financial requirements they have set for us to adopt) and everything looks good! Plus, the doctor's letter I had to get looks good (no reason why I should die :) They also gave me some great fundraising ideas. If you have any ideas with coming up with a quick $22,000 feel free to let me know! Kenny and I have talked it over, and we feel best about starting the homestudy when we have raised about $7,000. There are timeframes that certain fees have to be paid along the way (homestudy fee, fingerprinting, more fingerprinting, more fingerprinting :) so we want to gauge our fundraising right to avoid an adoption loan, if possible. That being said, once we have a referral and have passed our Ethiopian court date, we would FOR SURE go into debt for some airline tickets to get our little one. We are praying, confident that the Lord will provide the funds for this little one's passage into a family, and it is so exciting to see how He is already at work!

One last exciting bit ....I WON on Leigh's Giveaway last week! Yippee! You can go HERE to see the amazing goods I got, and go HERE to get your name in the hat for this week. Scroll down to see all of the amazing stuff you could get... yep, that is a brand new Ipod could be yours!
Happy Wednesday to you all!

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