Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

A few days ago we headed out to the pumpkin patch. Each kiddo picked out a pumpkin to "represent" themselves, plus one for me and Kenny...and we picked one out "for the child we are gonna adopt". I'm kind of frugal... rather than carve the pumpkins, the kids drew faces (or something :) on the pumpkins. We will enjoy them for a few weeks and them I will bake them, mash and freeze for pies and muffins! Pumpkins are sweetest if you let them "season" for a month or so...just leave them sitting in your house.... hope no kid plays too rough with them...then you are set to make fresh pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Today, Kenny ha to get the power shut off while he worked on the siding. The kid found my camera and passed the time taking pictures. They must have been pretty proud of the job they did making up the beds, for they took pictures of them :) Here are their pictures:

So, I'm pretty much computer illiterate.... up until this site, about 2 months ago, I could email. Yup, that and buy fabric online and print out coupons. I'm not even on facebook. How did I graduate from high school in this decade and not have any computer skills? I am trying to learn, and am becoming pretty interested in web design, etc....I think one could train them self to do surgery by googling enough question. I'm stumped in one arena and, for the sake of my rising blood pressure, I'm gonna quit searching blogger tricks and see if any of you more learned ladies could help. On my home page I have a few collages of pictures. I would love it if one could click on the collage and enlarge it to a full screen (to see better details of the dress, etc). Apparently blogger used to have that feature, but doesn't anymore. ANY tips or advice you can give me would be helpful!!!

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