Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Website!

I haven't been sewing or blogging on Flitterbugs much at all in the past few months. Our family grew by 2 more kids in December!
Pop on over to my new site, Raising Littles, to follow our journey!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Satin Sheets are Coming!

I am in the process of adding satin pillowcases and crib sheets to Flitterbugs! I know a lot of Flitterbug momas have little ones with chocolate hair, and want to protect those curls while they sleep. I will be using flannel backed satin, which will give a bit more stability to the sheets and help to keep them secure to the mattress better.
Sooo....what color of satin would you like me to offer? And would you prefer plain hems on the pillowcases, coordinating fabric or ruffles?!?!
Sheets and pillowcases are in the works, be on the lookout for some upcoming satin giveaways!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fall Fabrics.....and a Hint!

New Fall fabrics are up.....pop on over to have a look! Now is a good time to put orders in for back-to-school and the pumpkin patch!
If you follow Flitterbugs on Facebook, you may have noticed some little hints going on that our family is about to go through some transitions. We still have a few details to finish before making things official, but here is a little teaser for you:
And one more, just because I can't quite help it:)
Can you guess!?!?!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's smoking hot about a little winter relief?!?
I will be taking Christmas orders throughout the month of July. (And will only be taking them in July! Our family has some exciting news coming up, and I will be taking a fall break from sewing:)

Pop on over to see the fun Christmas Fabrics.....and have a look at the new styles I am offering!

Today and tomorrow ONLY  (Wednesday and Thursday, July 11-12)
take $7 off of each garment!

The rest of the month, Christmas garments will be regular prices.

If you follow Flitterbugs on Facebook, you can also pop on over and enter a chance to win a FREE Christmas Flitterbug! Winner will be announced on Friday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flitterbugs Is Back! SALE!!!

For the past several months, I have not been sewing as much as I was during our adoption. I've been busy, busy loving on these 5 sweet kiddos!
 I have still been posting a few fabrics and sale dresses on the Flitterbugs Facebook page, but for the sake of time and ease, have not keep the website or blog up. (Have you noticed how neglected it has been?!?!)
Facebook has made some changes in the way businesses can use their site, so I have decided to get the website back up and running!

How about if we start things off with a big SALE!!!!!!!!
Now through Monday, June 25th.

"Katie" and "Sundress" style Flitterbugs:

Newborn to size 2, just $20 shipped
Size 3-8, just $25 shipped
(Above, Sundress)
(Below, Katie style dress)

Pop on over to see the current FABRICS, then email me with your selection. I hope to have all dresses made and shipped within 2 weeks!

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Psst! Still here!

 Did you notice I sort of....disappeared?
I didn't really mean to! When I took a break from sewing I did not intend to take a blogging break as just sort of happened:)
I've been busy doing life with my wonderful hubs and 5 sweet littles.
I still stand amazed each day that the Lord has seen fit to bless me by being Kenny's wife and moma to Evangeline, Landis, Samuel, Jordan and Eliana.
I love my little family!
I am back to doing a little bit of sewing on a very limited scale.
If you are not on facebook but would still like to place an order, I wanted to make today's offer available to you as well.
The current sale is for the dresses shown below, in the "Tutti Frutti" fabric collection.
Each style of dress is $30, shipping included.
The style to the left is the "Katie" style dress. (sleeveless)
To the right is the "Flitterbug" style dress.
They come in sizes 3 month to size 8.
I will make each dress to order, and all orders should ship within 2-3 weeks.
To order, simple email me at:
and let me know the style and size of dress you would like!

A portion of the profits from all sales will go to support 3 orphans we have "adopted" in Haiti.
Thank you!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost There.....

On Monday, I announced that I would be taking 35 more Flitterbug orders to fund our final adoption expenses......and then would be finished sewing Flitterbugs for this season in life.  
Since then, 20 orders have come in!

Thank you, thank you!

You ladies all love the same fabrics.....of all 20 orders placed, a total of 2 different fabrics have been chosen. Can you guess which ones they are?!?!

My wonderful hubs is cheering me on in this last sewing stretch, and we are going to do a "mini" week of school next I finish these final orders.

Thank you for allowing me to sew for your little ones......I'll take 15 more orders....and that will be the end for now. Pop on over to see the available fabrics and styles if you would like to place a final order.

Thank you for being a part of Flitterbugs and our peanut's journey home!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Change of Plans....Not Finished Yet..........

 A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was going to quit sewing for a season....time to be just wife and momma in my home. I took several last orders....sewed all weekend.....and was ready and happy to put the Flitterbug patterns aside for awhile!
Just as I was taking my *last* order....our final, final expenses related to the twins adoption came in. In all honesty, my first thought was "nooooo! I am finished....ready to give my 100% of my time to my husband and kids!"  After a quiet time of prayer, and good insight and encouragement from the hubs, it became apparent that necessity would demand I sew a little bit longer.
In a nutshell, we are 35 Flitterbugs away from being finished with the peanuts adoption:)

As He always does, the Lord has given me the strength and energy to finish strong, and as he always does, the hubs is cheering me on!
I have no idea how many more days of sewing lie ahead.....I know the Lord can bring the last 35 orders in a matter if minutes if He sees fit.  As soon as I reach my goal....the sewing is done for this season!
I am going to do things a bit differently for this last big push.I typically purchase all of my fabric before posting them.  In order to not end up with any extra fabric that must be sold to cover expenses, I will be purchasing fabric as the orders come. I have chosen mostly Christmas I have had numerous requests for some holiday sewing! I have also changed the style selection to better fit winter/Christmas garments. Pop over to the home page to see what is available!
All of the fabric is high quality designer fabric, and because I will paying full price for these fabrics....I cannot offer sale prices on the garments. The prices listed on the home page is what I will need to sale them for!
Thank you for all who have ordered a Flitterbug over the past 2 years and have helped to bring our babies home. We are now 35 Flitterbugs away from the finish unexpected last hump, but one we know the Lord can carry us across quickly!
Thank you for giving me the privilege of sewing for your children!