Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Chance to Rack up on Adoption Tees!

A few months ago, when I was in "the pit" of discouragement about our adoption, a fellow AGCI momma, Kim, emailed me the most encouraging letter. I printed it out, and it has a special spot in my adoption journal. Kim and her family are in the process of bringing home a little girl from Ethiopia, and have an awesome fundraiser going on this week. You have the chance to win hoards of great tee shirts! Head on over to:
and check out how you can win, and help to bring this little one home!

Just a few of the great shirts you can win!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Second Homestudy and Fingerprints!

Yesterday, we had our second homestudy visit. It was great...I really enjoy visiting with our caseworker. Some days it feels like we have been trudging through the adoption process for months with no end in site.....but today I finally had the sense that we are almost there. All that is left now is the home visit. After the homestudy we went to have our GBI/FBI fingerprints and background checks done. There has been much confusion and frustration in our state and with our agency in recent months concerning who does the fingerprints. I don't really understand it all, but I do know there are many families who cannot be homestudy approved and have their profiles shown until the mess gets cleared up. We were very fortunate in that our county did run the checks and fingerprints for us! It involved a 2 hour will goose hunt all over the place......we finally ended up in jail (quite literally..just outside the cells!) to have our prints run. The kis thought it was a great adventure. I had planned on taking pictures for the adoption video we hope to make, but forgot my camera! Agh. As it turned out, I don't think the lady who took the prints would have been too excited about have the moment documented :) We received a lot of perplexed looks as we approached each office we had to venture to. The kids had been playing outside all day and looked like they had been outside all day...we piled them up in the van and hauled them around with us. Each time we told someone the fingerprints were for an adoption, they looked wide eyed at us and the kids like, "WHY?" :) It was fun.

We are soooo close to being profile ready. I am trying to not count out the days and weeks on the calender, hoping and praying we have a short wait. B.U.T. it is so hard to not try and speed that day up! (As if I can!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Designs and a Sale are Coming!

I have been sewing like a crazy lady lately! I have had quite a few requests for various skirt and dress options for older girls, and am working on a few patterns. I am trying to keep with clean, simple, frugal and "grow with me", easy to fit styles. I love smocking and handwork, but at this stage of life, simple is best! Look for lots of new fabrics, a few new summer styles and a BIG SALE coming soon! Landis and Evangeline enjoying the warm weather in their initial tees, shorts and skirt!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Must Reads" I Love!

"Are they twins?" is a question we have been fielding in reference to Evangeline and Landis for years. Now, we are becoming accustomed to a follow up favorite: "You have 3 kids/ You could have more/Don't you know how expensive it is to raise kids/ You are young/ You are white/You have a small house/ Why are you adopting?" (Not all is negative..... mostly we get lots of excitement and encouragement about our adoption!)

I think Dawn is my new kindred spirit. We are fine with a small house...but a larger one does hold special "family planning" appeal. I am blessed each time I read a post by this humble, loving momma of 7...who holds two more in her heart....and cannot wait to see the children yet to come!

Have you read "Adopted for Life" by Russel D. Moore? I love it! This post makes me think of much he has to say:

Because I cry each time I read this post (yeah, I've read it more than once):

And if you ever wonder if sponsoring a child really makes a the video at the end of this post all the way through (have kleenex handy):

And because after all of this are going to need to laugh. Hard. Missy is always up for the task :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Important Information about Covenant Care Adoptions

A few weeks ago, when we announced that we were putting on hold our adoption from Ethiopia and pursuing a domestic adoption with Covenant Care... I not only blogged about the need for families....but also many of you also blogged about Covenant Care. This is a good thing.....any advertising for a wonderful agency is a great thing...however I did not realize the effect could have on the agency. They have been flooded with calls and inquiries...not necessarily a bad thing...however this does add quite a load on the staff! I feel like I need to go back and clarify some information about adoptions from Covenant Care. I do not want to discourage any one from contacting them, HOWEVER you may want to take note of the following information before you do! (And if you have blogged about Covenant Care..feel free to pass along this info!)

* Covenant Care is a liscensed adoption agencies that works with birthmother placements: this means the birthmother CHOOSES the adoptive family. There is no list or first come first serve....we realize it could be weeks, months or years before we will be chosen. We also realize we do not choose whether we will be adopting a boy or girl. Whichever our birthmother has is who will be our child!

* African American birthmothers PREFER to place their child in African American families, rather than Caucasian families.

* Birthmothers PREFER to place their child in a family which resides in the state of Georgia.

* Most Covenant Care adoptions are semi-open. This means there is a good possibility you will have contact with your many cases this means several visits a year for the first few years of the child's life. Obviously, if you do not live on the state of GA, these visits may be more difficult for you to commit to, which is one of the reasons a birthmother may not choose you.

* Covenant Care only places children in solid Christian homes.

* When you adopt transracially (meaning you and your child do not share the same skin color) you make a verbal commitment to CC that you will adopt another AA child in the future.

*The birthmothers that Covenant Care works with are not making a plan of adoption because they have to. This is not an extension of the foster care system. It is not because they are unfit to parent or are in jail. Theses ladies love their child sooo much that they are making a plan of adoption to ensure that their child is raised in a 2 parent, Christian home. The birthmother is in the drivers seat. If there is not a family on the list that they desire to choose, they do not have to choose one...they can decide to parent. This is one of the aspects that makes this process so different than the international process for us. We realize that this means a birthmother could choose us, and then change her mind. There is the possibility that a child could be placed in our home...and then for various reason, removed. We could technically have our profile shown to birthmothers for years...only to never be chosen. We realize this...yet trust the Lord, His guidance, and His comfort if we experience one of these losses!

I hope this information does not discourage you from contacting Covenant Care...yet hopefully it will help you to weigh out whether this agency is right for your family. I did compile a list of agencies a couple of weeks ago who are in need for families. (You can see that list here.) It seems that thought most agencies do place babies out of state, in general.....your chances of being chosen are much greater if you live within the State you adopt from.

I hope this information answers many of the questions which so many of you have emailed to me over the past few weeks. Some days I feel like the "risks" and potential heartache are greater with a domestic adoption than adopting internationally (thought I am sure many of you could argue otherwise)...yet I am confident of the journey He has called us on. In Hi time, and for His glory!

Blessings to each of you on your day, and please contact me if you have any other questions....I would love to help you and advocate for Covenant Care in any way that I can!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What to Do With All of Those Adoption Tees!

I have a growing, not-so-mild obsession: Adoption Tees.

Because I want to help bring peanuts home. Because I love talking about adoption. Because why wear any ole shirt when you can purchase one that will change the World. Because I want to be a walking billboard.

I think many of you are with me on that. :) Sooo, what to do with your treasure adoption tees as they wear out...or as you just need a reason to need more?!? Because you know you could never send those priceless pieces of cotton to the rag bag.

My friend Rachel makes lovely quilts out of tee shirts. It works like send her your old tees...and in a few weeks, you receive a beautiful, one of a kind, comfy, cozy, keep as a family heirloom, tell all your grandkids about those adoption shirts.....Tee Shirt Quilt.

How neat would it be to have a quilt made out of all the adoption tee shirt fundraisers you bought to help bring home children from your child's orphanage. Your peanut could sleep under these reminders of her little friends....who are now also at home with their forever family. Have shirts left over from your fundraiser??? Kids outgrown their shirts??? I love this idea!

Head on over and check out Rachel's talent HERE at "Little Spinney". Then go grab up your adoption tees......and place a few orders for new ones! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been eager to try my hand at some "hair care", and Evangeline has been begging to wear beads like her ballet last night we decided to try out some cornrows. We realized a few facts:

* Corn Rows take a substantial amount of time
*Corn Rows take a lot of patience
* I have no idea what I am doing
* Evangeline's hair was not designed for this :)
She...was THRILLED with the results. I think we have a new evening routine. That is just fine with me :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Opportunity to Love

I met a young lady today.

I have seen this girl before, she works as a cashier at WalMart. Bitterness, frustration and anger paint her face. She hastily does her job....seemingly eager for the moment when she can clock out. No kind word, no small talk..she mutters only a trained, "Have a nice day", as you leave. To be honest, I have avoided her lane on more than one occasion. Today, as I neared the checked out, the Lord gently tugged at my heart, "Go to her. Love her." Quite hesitantly, the kids and I rolled up to her register. I said, "Hello!" and began to try some small talk. She did not reciprocate.

And then I noticed something...... this young girl was pregnant.

My heart stung, my criticism melted.

This could be my child....this could be our birthmother.

For a few minutes, the Lord gave me the opportunity to love that young momma; to speak kindly and with respect, to appreciate the work she was doing, to silently pray for her. I have no idea what the future holds for this young lady and her child..... but I cannot remove her face from my mind. What pain is she feeling? What paints the anger on her face?

Adoption is about loss. In a domestic adoption....that loss looks quite different than an international adoption. Almost never has the child lost his parents...rarely is the birthmother dying from AIDS. The country is not starving, public schools are on every corner and WIC programs in every town. The loss of our adoption will be the deliberate choice of a make a plan of adoption for her child, out of total love and self sacrifice for that child. To feel the loss of a baby because she desires that child to be raised in a two parent home, stable and full of love and protection. I am humbled by this love and courage.

The Lord has begun a deep work in my heart for birthmothers. I cannot even articulate what is going on, but I feel the effects of His chiseling away at the rough edges of my heart, pouring His love in. Oh, for more of that love!

For a few moments, I had the opportunity to show a bit of His love to that young girl....and I want to do that again. I am eager to go back to her lane, to not avoid her but to search her out. Not because I want to encourage adoption on her....not because I want her child....but because I love Jesus. Here stands a young lady, angry and frustrated, and here stand I. I do not know a day when I was not loved and cared for. I do not remember a day when I did not know the Lord....that is an indescribable which I am responsible for.

Each day we move closer to being homestudy approved, closer to being profile ready, closer to being "paper pregnant". For us, that does not mean receiving a number or the beginning a countdown. It means there will be birthmother, sitting across from a caseworker, making the most difficult decision of her life. She will look though profiles, pictures and letters from prospective families for her child....and one day, ours will be placed in her hands. May we not approach that day without praying for each lady who will see our faces, who will read our letter. May in some small way may we "love on" each birthmother through that profile. I know, when the birthmother comes along that He has chosen for us, the child that He knows will be ours....that will be a day of great celebration....yet for one braveheart, a day of loss. May the Lord fill us with His love and compassion for this young lady!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

UPDATE....Now $15 Dress Sale!!!!

Time for a little sale! These dresses are all in Easter prints...perfect for upcoming egg hunts and spring picnics. Turtlenecks fit well under these dresses if the weather is chilly. The dresses are NOW DOWN TO $15 EACH! (plus shipping). They are made and ready to ship.... first come first serve. Email me (jubug231 @ aol .com) if you would like to purchase one!

From Left to Right....(in the above picture!)

Size 1- Pastel Seersucker Ruffle Sundress-Sold!

Size 2- Flower Baskets Blue Ruffle Sundress-Sold!

Size 2- Easter Bunnies Flitterbug Dress-SOLD!

Size 2-3- Easter Chicks Ruffle Sundress-SOLD!

Size 3- Easter Eggs Mulit Flitterbug Dress-SOLD!

Size 3- Bunny Stripes Flitterbug Dress-SOLD!

Size 4- Easter Bunnies Flitterbug Dress

Size 5- Flower Baskets Pink -SOLD!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Domestic Agencies Who Need Families For AA Babies!!

Since learning about the great need for families for African American children within the States...I have been doing a lot of research on domestic agencies. Basically...all domestic agencies have a need for families for AA children. (I won't get on my soap box about least not now!) Most agencies have fund a large portion of AA adoptions, therefore making your total cost lower. I dream of the day when ALL children are highly sought, making all domestic adoptions the same price, not having to "lure" families by lower fees!Here are a few of my "favorite" domestic agencies:

Covenant Care: this is the agency we are working with, and my family has a long, close relationship with this ministry, so I'm kind of partial. (And on a selfish side... don't everyone sign up and lengthen our weight time. :) Just kidding. I know God will bring us the birthmother He has planned, the baby He has knit together at the perfect time He sees fit (even if all you adoption lovin' families are on the list!) it want it to be now! :)It's about families for children, not just children for families! I love Covenant Care and the respect and love they have for birthmothers. Most CC adoptions are semi-open. *** You may want to note that AA birthmothers prefer to choose AA families...and families that live within the state of Georgia****

Christian Adoption Services: This agency does both domestic and international adoption. Again...many AA children need homes! CAS deeply cares for the well being of birthmothers. Very impressed with them.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions: I am very impressed with this agency..and how neat is this?!? They do embryo adoptions. If you have every wanted to save a "snowflake" baby from termination.... here is a great agency for you! Hum....embryo adoption....might need to start talking to hubby about that one :)

Open Door Adoptions: They have an URGENT need for families to adopt AA babies and there is currently a very short wait time on having a baby placed in your home.

Bethany: if we choose to put our profile in the hands of more than one agency.... this is another agency we will contact! Again, they have a great need for families for AA babies. One of the most reputable domestic/international agencies around!

Colorado Christian Services: based in CO, put places babies in all 50 states. A great agency..with a need for AA placements. This agency obviously cares deeply for birthmothers.

Georgia Agape: In GA, but places in all states. They believe "every child deserves a family" that!

Christian Family Services: based in FL...but places all over the nation. A reputable agency.

Adoption Associates: they have a great, immediate need families. Babies are soon to be born, and
need a family! If you are homestudy ready...please consider contacting them. I cannot imagine what a birthmother must feel when she has so very few profiles to choose from!

Kenny and I have been blown away by the response we have received on our domestic adoption. I have been flooded with emails of people wanting to know more... and am praising the Lord for it. I never imagined that He may use us in some teeny tiny was to advocate for African American children and to advocate for the rights and love of birthmothers...but daily He is making that possible. I find myself lifting my hands in praise to Him! I love talking adoption, mommying and family. I pray some of you may search these links, find an agency that stirs your heart..and begin the process of bringing your child home!

If you are in the domestic sure to go here and leave your link so that we can all connect!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Leave Your Blogging Link!

Since starting the domestic adoption process, I have noticed that the support system with the blogging world for domestic adoptions is not the same as the international process. Sooo, I am trying to find a way to change that! There are many emotional ups and downs, unknowns, lack of a timeline and other variables that come with a domestic placement. I hope this site can serve as not only a place for domestic families to meet and encourage one another, but also a site where we can help to find not just children for families, but a family for every child!

Check out "Families for Domestic Adoption" here and leave the link to your blog so we can get a support system going!!!