Friday, June 17, 2011


Eliana and Jordan will be 8 months old on Saturday.....can you believe it?!?!

They want to celebrate with a little sale:)


$25 shipping included

I just posted some cute, new fabrics.....only have enough to make a few dresses of each.

*Choose your fabric

*Email me with the style dress, size and fabric you like!

*The SALE price is only good today and tomorrow! (Friday and Saturday)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny Face

Just a quick picture for tonight....
I whipped out the camera and told her to smile,
and this is what I got:)
I love my little girl!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Cuteness:)

Jordan loves to chew....on anything. His favorite? To gum a zucchini:)

If the twins are near each other, they hold hands, touch is so sweet. They have also started "talking" to one another, and act like they know what the other is saying! Precious!

Miss Evangeline would sew continually if I would let her. She loves it! (Hummm....wonder where she gets that from?!?!) I may have a little Flitterbugs helper before too long:)

My bumbo babies.

Samuel is such a good big brother. He loves to play with the peanuts!

Lately, the kids are all into making lemonade. In other words, the kitchen floor is constantly sticky:)

We have a birdhouse near in our garden which is home to several different sets of bluebirds each summer. We love peeking in and seeing the precious little ones. It is amazing how quickly they grow!

The garden......just the sight of it makes me happy! (Or hot......a few minutes in it and I feel like I may combust:) It is a dry, hot summer in Georgia......

Yum.....breakfast from the garden!

Eliana loves her big brothers, and they have fun dressing her up:)

Sweet Landis and Samuel.....they are inseparable these days!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the kiddie pool.

Love it when the kids are out giggling and splashing....the inevitable tracks of water, mud, freezer pop plastic, towels and heaps of wet bathing suits...not so much:) The kids are loving it, and we are definitely getting our money's worth out of this one! I love, love to swim in a "real" pool, but 5 littles, 2 of them babies in a pool? Not happening this year! :)

We are so in love with these precious children the Lord has blessed us with....and so thankful for them!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Shipping, Sales and Shirts!

(No...this picture has nothing to do with anything.....but have you ever seen such precious feet? I could just eat them up!)


I am caught up on all sewing orders......and have some cute new fabrics in. Have you wanted to order a Flitterbug but just haven't yet? Wellllll....
Place any order today and get Free Priority Mail Shipping!

Free Shipping is only good on orders placed before midnight today, June 1st! If you have any questions, you can pop on over here, or read how to place an order here.

I have been posting regular sales of ready to ship Flitterbugs over on Facebook. If you would like to follow and get in on the can follow here. (Sweet Evangeline modeling a sale Flitterbug from earlier this week!)

Many of you probably follow Andrea from Babe of My Heart. (And if you don' are missing out!) Andrea and her husband helped to start an organization called Wiphan, which ministers to widows and orphans in Zambia. Andrea will be traveling to Zambia in just a few weeks to love on and minister to these precious women and children. Among other things, she will be putting on "True Love Waits" style retreats for the women and teens. I'm not sure if I've ever heard of someone doing this on a missions trip.....and think it is so neat the way the Lord has placed this on Andrea's heart! Andrea is selling tee shirts to help fund her trip and to put on the retreats. You can go here to read more about Wiphan and Andrea's upcoming trip....and to purchase a shirt.

You really, really, really should pop over........see the fabulous shirt design, AND the giveaway you will be entered for if you win.

Curious? Find out more at Babe of My Heart.