Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My older brother is collecting insects for a biology project (we Miller kiddos haven't exactly followed the "norm" on college and time lines:) and the kids and I have been helping him out. It has been fun, though Kenny tells me he is tired of seeing Ziploc bags of bugs in the freezer. (A good way to preserve your specimen). A few days ago, the children and I were in the garden center of Lowes. I looked down at a lovely potted mum, and spied an amazingly huge locust of some kind.

Landis shouted, "Mom, Get that bug for John David!!!"

I paused for a brief moment, assessing the situation. This was not inventory, therefore the taking of the bug did not constitute theft, right? Besides, we were purchasing the mums.

I reached out and grabbed the bug....what do I do, hold him through the store and all the way home? Huge locust made it clear he could, I did what any sane bug-hunting moma of boys does, I opened my purse, gently put him in, and zipped it up. Baby comes out of the cart, bug-in-purse gets the safe ride in. I looked up to see the cashier watching me in utter shock and bewilderment. Cute.

Evangeline asks, "Is the jail man gonna get you for taking that bug?"

The next day, we head to Wal Mart to check out their mums. Guess what I find on them??? This grasshopper was incredible. No hesitation as how to transport this sucker home. Though I did make sure no one was watching me this time. :)

The following pictures are Kenny planting an avocado tree with the kids. I started it from the seed of the first baby food Samuel ate.... an avocado. We have no idea how big these trees get or how many years it will take to produce, but its fun anyhow :)

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