Friday, April 30, 2010

SALE, SALE and the Winner is.......

The winner of the Giveaway is.....
And how about a little sale?!?!
Tomday and tomorrow only (Friday and Saturday)......
Ruffle Sleeve Sundress orders are just $20 $3 shipping

Regular price for a Ruffle Sleeve sundress is $32.... today and tomorrow..just $20
If you would like to place an order, just email me with your child's size and the fabric you would like. You order will ship out within 10 days!
Thank you for helping to be a part of bringing our little one home!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Giveaway!!! Just leave a comment....

Windy Day Spring Giveaway!!!
Win any style Flitterbug or Specialty Tee of Your Choice!
Enter up to 7 times...leave a separate comment for each entry!
How to Enter:
*Leave a comment
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That's up to 7 entries!!! Winner will be chosen via on Friday at noon.

Sweet Evangeline in her Fourth of July Flitterbug

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Few Recent Creations

Ridley, looking too cute in his Flitterbugs.....check out his Momma's beautiful site at My Blessed Life for more pictures and giveaways!

How sweet are Emily, Sara and Henry in their coordinating pants and initial tees! (I LOVE sewing for these kiddos!)

Precious little ones, all set for Easter:)
It is such a honor and joy to sew and pray for little ones who sit in an orphanage, having no idea they have a family working hard and longing, longing to bring them home. This little taggie is headed to India, where Abby is about to be united with her forever family! I have loved hearing Abby's journey.
(I know taggies are not up on the homepage yet, I just keep getting requests for them!)
A Flitterbug Dress and Headband for Abby

How fun is this?!? An Africa tee for an adoptive Daddy...and in the colors of Ethiopia. Please pray for the Siler family....they have their 2nd try at passing court to bring Miss Ellie Grace home on the 30th. I pray they will pass and bring this beautiful baby girl home soon!!

And here is a Flitterbug dress for Elllie! I so appreciate the encouragment and support Tracy has been to me!

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a specialty tee for Andrea. Andrea has been leading so many of us in reading throgh the Bibly in a year. I have never met Andrea in person, but I feel like she is a dear friend. Andrea and her sweet family are in the process of bringing home Isaac from Ethiopia, and are involved in a ministry in Zambia: Wiphan. I thought it would be fun to make a shirt that proclaimed her love for both Isaac and Wiphan! One night it was heavy on my heart to finish her shirt and pray for Isaac. I was SHOCKED to look at her blog the next day, and see the Young family had gotten Isaac's much sooner than anyone had thought! You must go and read his referral beautiful.

Hopefully this tee will give Andrea ample opportunity to proclaim to the World the work of the Lord in Isaac's life!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flitterbugs Giveaway!

Want to win any Flitterbug of your choice?!? Head on over to My Blessed Life and leave a comment for your chance to win. There are like 8 different chances to enter! You may want to stay awhile....Myra's site is lovely, full of sweet encouragement, and great decorating ideas.
(Plus, Myra and her husband are praying about adopting one be sure to give her a little smile and a nudge:)

This giveaway ends Thursday, April 22nd!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

NEW! Specialty Tees!

I have started taking orders for specialty much fun! Let me know if your child has a favorite nickname, animal, sport, or some fun adoption love, and I'll come up with a special design! The cost is $20 to $35 dollars, depending on amount of time involved, how complex the design is and if it is for an adult or child. So, far, the Africa tees are selling quick. They are $20 each. I can add a heart or star, if you little boy would prefer:) Here are a couple more examples of tees...I have some fun ones I have made as surprises for some friends who have recently received referrals or brought their babies home, and I don't want to ruin the I'll wait and post those next week :)

I can also make matching shorts, skirts or capris if you want a complete outfit.
Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Dear Birthmother......

Our Dear Birthmother,
I am supposed to pen a letter to you, to introduce myself to you and tell you a bit about myself. Let's be honest; I think the goal for many in this letter, in this entire profile, is to sell myself to you. I should tell you how wonderful my life is, show you impressive pictures of my home, vacations and trips, big Christmas gifts and elaborate parties. I should tell you and show you that my husband and I are "the best" and make you want to choose our profile over all of the others. We are perfect, and if you make a plan of adoption for your baby with us, your child will experience total bliss, a lifetime of security and happiness. That should be my underlying theme.....right? I mean, I want your baby, and I need to find a way to convince you to choose us....isn't that the deep, ugly truth?
It is not for us. I cannot do it. I cannot belittle you in that way. How do I tell you about our day, our home, our neighborhood, vacations, extended family and educational goals for our kids, without first telling you this:

The love in my heart for you is real and deep. I do not know who you are. I do not know where you are. But I carry you with me.

I have been pregnant. Four times over I have had the joy of watching that one blue line turn to two. My husband and I have had four "pregnancy celebration" dinners. I have called my mom in excitement to tell her the news. I have been sick, so very sick....I have felt my little one one move within me. I have spent countless hours in a doctor's waiting room, watched in delight at the little heart beating strong on the sonogram screen, gagged at the glucose test, outgrown my maternity clothes, stretched every conceivable ligament, lost weeks worth of sleep, read libraries of delivery book and googled hundreds of questions. I have three times gone into labor, been in indescribable pain, felt the agony of that final push and the relief of the first cry.

But I have never done those things alone. I have never done them unplanned. I have never done them afraid. I have never walked this journey with guilt or fear. I have never felt your burden.

I think about you daily. Every night this week I have woken from a deep sleep, my heart beating fast and my hands trembling.......I have asked the Lord to show me a bit of your pain, and I'm afraid He has.

I have no idea who you are. Perhaps you are young and naive. Perhaps you are in college, training to be a doctor or practicing law. Perhaps you have been thrust into this pregnancy by the most heinous of crimes. You may be rich, poor, educated or illiterate. Smart, athletic, musical or artsy. Perhaps your parents do not know, perhaps they do not care. Perhaps they are holding you every step of the way, perhaps you have no family. You may live in a mansion, a house, a dorm, a car or a hut. You could be anyone. I have no idea who you are....but this I know:

You have a love and courage that humbles me.

And I just want you to know, that you have value. You have worth. You are loved.

Are you alone, frightened, scared? Are you hungry, cold or sick? Do people avoid you? Do they know what you are going through?

The Lord is showing me a side of adoption that would be "easier" to not see. We are on the receiving end. Our earnest prayers are that He would bring this little one into our home....and we know those prayers will be answered. We will celebrate, we will cry with delight when this child is placed into our arms....when your child is placed into our arms. I have the privilege of being called "Momma".....I will rock this little one to sleep. It would be easier to just stop there.

But I cannot. I will not. He will not let me. How can I think of this baby and not think of you? How can I separate the two of you?

You will go through those delivery pains. You will hold your baby for the first time. You will smell that sweet newborn smell. Your little one will fit perfectly into your arms. For 48 surreal hours you will cradled that baby.

And then you will leave the hospital....with empty arms.

Do you know what one of my greatest fears in adoption is? That we will never get to meet you. That you will not want to meet us. I want to hug you, to tell you how much I love you. I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know. I want you to know HIM.

I do not know you, but you are already changing me. I find myself being less critical and more loving. I speak a bit gentler to the grocery clerk...give an extra smile to the waitress. I do not know the hurt and decisions that are going on in their lives, but I want to love them....I want to love them for you.

Many birthmothers will read our letter, many will study the pictures in our profile. Only one will choose our family. We know we do not need to convince you to pick us. Before the foundations of the World, the Lord knew this little one would be born to you, yet call me Momma. The Lord knew this little one, so obviously not "flesh of my flesh" would become my joy and delight. Our profile will look different than many. Sure, we will tell you about our family and how we spend our days. Yet our goal will not be to impress, but to love and respect you. A Momma's heart is deep water. I know the love for your child that is stored up there...a love that will die to give this child life. You take love and sacrifice to a whole new level. You love this baby so much, that you will freely hand to me the rights and privileges of "Momma", in order that this baby be raised by both a moma and daddy. I "arise and call you blessed".
My prayer is this: that one day you may life your arms in praise to the One who gave you life, that you may see His faithfulness and redeeming love in your life.
And may you one day look at your child, at my child, and say, "I have done a good and beautiful thing."

Most Unique Fundraiser Ever!

I just stumbled across the neatest adoption fundraiser. This precious family, (who has 5 little ones 5 and under!) is selling homemade laundry detergent to help fund their adoption from Uganda! I love all things natural and this fundraiser really has me excited. Click on the image below to check it out:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lotsa, Lotsa New Fabrics Are In!

A big box of fabrics arrived this week...with a few more to come in today! I am looking forward to making some special Flitterbugs with these lovely prints:) (Click on my fabrics page to see them.)
I still have a few skirts and initial shirts for sale ....scroll down to yesterday's post to see them!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Jump into Spring with a Scrap Happy Skirt and Initial Shirt!

The cost is $32 for the set, plus $3 shipping!

The skirts are all ready to ship....I will applique the initial you choose on the shirt, and ship them out first thing in the morning. (Click on the "home" page to see examples of initial shirts!)

First come first serve, just email me if you want to purchase one of the below sets!

(From left to right)

Size 3- Disco Daisy-SOLD!!

Size 4- Spring Fling

Size 5- Little Red Riding Hood

Size 6- Lily Ponds

Size 7/8- Baroque Pink

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trade for a Flitterbug!

E in her favorite ruffle sundress!

If you are like us and in the process of adoption fundraising, it's probably not the best time to buy...anything! Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a bit of bartering. Fun :) I heart me some adoption tees, and I want to be your walking billboard! So, here's the offer:

* If you have a fundraising tee shirt (or another great fundraiser I'll probably love!) and would like to trade for a Flitterbug, just email me!

* Choose a short sleeve Flitterbug Dress, or Ruffle sundress or Initial Shirt, any size and fabric or your choice

* I'll send you the Flitterbug, you send me your tee, and once I get the shirt, I'll post it here and so a bit of advertising for you!

Each time I wear an adoption shirt (or especially a WIPHAN shirt!) I am surprised at how many people ask where it came from. I am loving sending them to your site...advocating for adoption!