Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home, SALE and Fabrics!

After spending a wonderful week in our old hometown of Westcliffe, Colorado...we are home. It was a wonderful week.....and I am refreshed and ready to get my machine humming:)
How about an "Isabelle" sale!?!?!
The "Isabelle" dress is typically $38 each....but Tuesday through Saturday....any Isabelle dress is
just $25
This is the only time I will offer the "Isabelle" dress at just $25.....go ahead and buy them up for the fall! You can also add a turtleneck under the Isabelle for an extra warm dress.
You can look at the new fabrics I have purchased HERE......just email me (jubug231 @ aol.com) with the size dress and fabric you would like!

I am already missing the mountains.... but thankful to be back home! We are still waiting patiently for "the call", eager to meet our newest little one and know our birthmother by name.

Thank you for being a part of our adoption journey!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Off we go! We are going on a little trip to visit some precious friends of ours.....really the only vacation we have taken as a family-unless you count that one night, $35 get-away to the local KOA:)
If you know our family...you can probably guess where we are going....or you can figure it out by watching our "Anniversary Video". If "The Call" comes this week, we will be screaming it from the mountain top...quite literally!
Be back Monday, August 30th.....unless I can't go that long without my sewing machine:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking a 2 Week Break......

We are going to visit some precious friends of ours, and I am getting things in order for the upcoming homeschool year....so I will be taking a little break from new orders. I am going to finish up all new orders and giveaways today.......
and will be back on Monday, August 30th to take new orders.
Come back on the 30th for a special sale on the new "Isabelle" dress.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Winner Is......and a few skirts for sale!

Evangeline and I loved all of your name suggestions for the new little Flitterbugs.
We sorted through suggestions left here, on Facebook and emailed in. You all are some creative ladies! We loved all of your suggestions....finally narrowed it down to 6 (and there were a lot of "Sadies" in that stash!).....then pulled one of those 6 "out of the hat".
This little dress now has a name:
And the winner is:
The "Isabelle"......and Andrea is the winner!
(And if you are not a reader of Andrea's blog...you are missing out! This momma has encouraged me so much in my walk with the Lord and love for orphans and widows.)
Andrea...I'll send you an email:)
I also have a few skirts for sale......
Just $15...shipping included!
Just leave a comment or email me if you would like to buy one of these. I will mail them out today....and there are still several dresses left from yesterday's sale....scroll down to see them!
(From left to right)
Size 4-6: Merry Mushrooms-SOLD
Size 6-8: Taxi Trio -SOLD
Size 8-10: Le Poulet Pink and Orange
Size 10-12: Leinaka Love Birds -SOLD

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

$18 End of the Summer SALE!!!!!!

These dresses are made and ready to mail out today....first come first serve. Wear with a turtleneck as a winter jumper....or buy ahead for next year. (Or if you live in the South....wear for the next 3 months of summer we have remaining:)
The cost is $18 each....shipping is included!
To buy a dress...just email me (jubug231@aol.com) or leave a comment letting me know which ones you would like.
(I will mark the dresses as "Sold" as they sell off!)
Size 24 months-Fantasy Blue (has a blue background...not white:)- SOLD
Size 2
-Plain Jane Aqua -SOLD
Size 3
-Spiro Dots-SOLD
Size 4- Le Poulet Pink and Orange
Size 4- Plain Jane Navy Flowers -SOLD
Size 4
-Paisley Frog Blue-SOLD
Size 5- Paradise Garden-SOLD
Size 6- Taxi Trio-SOLD
Size 6-
Hunky Dory Leaves Blue-SOLD
Scroll down to yesterday's post and enter to win the new style Flitterbug Dress!
Come back tomorrow for a "Sarah Skirt" end of the summer sale...and I promise sizes for older girls:)
Thank you all....and have a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Name That Dress.....and win it!

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of some new styles for the fall......including this dress:(Do you like little E's haircut? It wasn't origionally going to be so short....but I had trouble getting it straight. We just kept going shorter and shorter!)

This little dress needs a better name than the "3-Quarter Length Sleeve Flitterbug"

You have given me some lovely ideas so far! So how about a contest!?!
**Leave a comment or email me with what you would like me to name the dress.
It could be your daughter's name, what the dress makes you think of.....even your name:)
**Evangeline and I will pick our favorites from your comments, and put them "in the hat".
**The name we draw will be the title of this little Flitterbug......and.....
You will win one of these dresses, any size and fabric of your choice!
We will draw the winner on Thursday morning....and check in tomorrow for the $18 end of the summer sale!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sneak Peak at New Styles......

I have been working on a few new...and some "tweaked" designs for the fall.
I have been asking some of you ladies, and you all agree....."whimsy" is the style you like:) Evangeline was not too happy about modeling in the triple digit heat for me.
The quarter length sleeve Fliterbug Dress.....hum, need to think of a different name for it. Any ideas? You can choose 2-3 fabrics for this dress, and it has an elastic waist for a more fitted look. A turtleneck fits great under this dress....but no, I did not ask E to try that out fo me:)
Girlie Gauchos
.....come in girl's sizes 1 to 14. Choose 2-3 fabrics. Fun pockets on the front, and the waistband in a coordinating print!

The Wide Ruffle Pants
Little girlies grow up too fast.....I'm lovin' some ruffles while she will still let me!
Choose 2 fabrics, and I can make them the length you would like.
Do you love to dress your Flitterbug in the most funky of styles?!?
.....The Double Wide Ruffle Pants.....
Choose up to 3 fabrics...
more pics to come!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

20% off sale....through Monday!

Would you like to get 20% off of any order?
Just follow Flitterbugs on Facebook HERE, and you can get 20% off of any order placed between now and Monday at midnight. Just let me know you are a follower when you place your order:)
I have a big stash of dresses for an end of the summer $18 sale.....PLUS some new designs:
*Gauchos for girls
*Wide Ruffle pants
*Double Ruffle pants
*A new quarter length sleeved top and dress
I had planned on posting pictures today.....but my pitiful little camera finally bit the dust. So, pictures will have to wait until Monday (when I can borrow my parents':)
The kiddos and I have been having such fun this week putting up corn, visiting the peach farm and canning peaches and jams, ordering the last bits of this year's homeschooling material and enjoying (um.....wishing away:) these last few days (um...weeks/months here in Georgia!) of summer. Life is full and good...and each day that passes brings us closer ot our little one. Thank you for being a part!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Praising the Lord for 8 Precious Years!

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband and daddy......I love you!
(If the video has trouble uploading....you can also watch it HERE)