Monday, March 1, 2010

Leave Your Blogging Link!

Since starting the domestic adoption process, I have noticed that the support system with the blogging world for domestic adoptions is not the same as the international process. Sooo, I am trying to find a way to change that! There are many emotional ups and downs, unknowns, lack of a timeline and other variables that come with a domestic placement. I hope this site can serve as not only a place for domestic families to meet and encourage one another, but also a site where we can help to find not just children for families, but a family for every child!

Check out "Families for Domestic Adoption" here and leave the link to your blog so we can get a support system going!!!


  1. That is a great idea! We are not doing a domestic adoption right now, but if God leads us to one as he has you, we will happily follow. I am very supportive of your decision and I cannot wait to see your baby home.

  2. What a wonderful idea! We are praying about adoption.....this will be a great resource if God leads us this way!

  3. This is so exciting to follow right along with you guys at the same time!! I hope that you & I together can form a support system for all of us pursuing a domestic adoption!!

  4. friend...i think GOd is using you right now for a prayer I just prayed! We are currently adopting from uganda and its not looking good for the country so just now I prayed for wisdom and asked God to show us what to do. I had recently found out about the agency in georgia and michigan that had many african american babies and no families for them and so that was already on my heart. I checked out your blog that you sent me via email today and found out that you had originally went to adopt from ethiopia and now GOd has led you to african american domestic adoption and i read your blog when you wrote about it and all your feelings is how I am feeling right now and i'm wondering if this is God showing me what He is wanting us to do...amazing how all of it came right after I asked Him for wisdom! Please be praying for us!


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