Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been eager to try my hand at some "hair care", and Evangeline has been begging to wear beads like her ballet last night we decided to try out some cornrows. We realized a few facts:

* Corn Rows take a substantial amount of time
*Corn Rows take a lot of patience
* I have no idea what I am doing
* Evangeline's hair was not designed for this :)
She...was THRILLED with the results. I think we have a new evening routine. That is just fine with me :)


  1. Great job! Her hair looks so cute.

  2. Looks waaaayyyyy better than my attempts at cornrows. My girls have the right hair. :)

  3. Great job!! She looks absolutely adorable! If you braid it while her hair is wet it makes it easier. (remember how I used to do mine at Belhaven? ;) Also, if her hair is as silky and fine as it used to be, if you put a bit of gel in her wet hair before braiding it, it will stay in better (and should last for more than a day).


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