Saturday, March 27, 2010

Second Homestudy and Fingerprints!

Yesterday, we had our second homestudy visit. It was great...I really enjoy visiting with our caseworker. Some days it feels like we have been trudging through the adoption process for months with no end in site.....but today I finally had the sense that we are almost there. All that is left now is the home visit. After the homestudy we went to have our GBI/FBI fingerprints and background checks done. There has been much confusion and frustration in our state and with our agency in recent months concerning who does the fingerprints. I don't really understand it all, but I do know there are many families who cannot be homestudy approved and have their profiles shown until the mess gets cleared up. We were very fortunate in that our county did run the checks and fingerprints for us! It involved a 2 hour will goose hunt all over the place......we finally ended up in jail (quite literally..just outside the cells!) to have our prints run. The kis thought it was a great adventure. I had planned on taking pictures for the adoption video we hope to make, but forgot my camera! Agh. As it turned out, I don't think the lady who took the prints would have been too excited about have the moment documented :) We received a lot of perplexed looks as we approached each office we had to venture to. The kids had been playing outside all day and looked like they had been outside all day...we piled them up in the van and hauled them around with us. Each time we told someone the fingerprints were for an adoption, they looked wide eyed at us and the kids like, "WHY?" :) It was fun.

We are soooo close to being profile ready. I am trying to not count out the days and weeks on the calender, hoping and praying we have a short wait. B.U.T. it is so hard to not try and speed that day up! (As if I can!)


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