Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Must Reads" I Love!

"Are they twins?" is a question we have been fielding in reference to Evangeline and Landis for years. Now, we are becoming accustomed to a follow up favorite: "You have 3 kids/ You could have more/Don't you know how expensive it is to raise kids/ You are young/ You are white/You have a small house/ Why are you adopting?" (Not all is negative..... mostly we get lots of excitement and encouragement about our adoption!)

I think Dawn is my new kindred spirit. We are fine with a small house...but a larger one does hold special "family planning" appeal. I am blessed each time I read a post by this humble, loving momma of 7...who holds two more in her heart....and cannot wait to see the children yet to come!

Have you read "Adopted for Life" by Russel D. Moore? I love it! This post makes me think of much he has to say:

Because I cry each time I read this post (yeah, I've read it more than once):

And if you ever wonder if sponsoring a child really makes a the video at the end of this post all the way through (have kleenex handy):

And because after all of this are going to need to laugh. Hard. Missy is always up for the task :)


  1. Thanks! I will have to read those. We have had the same not-so-excited responses from people when we say we are saving up to begin an adoption.

  2. thank you SO MUCH for posting these! I am a cry baby today now! :0)


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