Saturday, March 6, 2010

UPDATE....Now $15 Dress Sale!!!!

Time for a little sale! These dresses are all in Easter prints...perfect for upcoming egg hunts and spring picnics. Turtlenecks fit well under these dresses if the weather is chilly. The dresses are NOW DOWN TO $15 EACH! (plus shipping). They are made and ready to ship.... first come first serve. Email me (jubug231 @ aol .com) if you would like to purchase one!

From Left to Right....(in the above picture!)

Size 1- Pastel Seersucker Ruffle Sundress-Sold!

Size 2- Flower Baskets Blue Ruffle Sundress-Sold!

Size 2- Easter Bunnies Flitterbug Dress-SOLD!

Size 2-3- Easter Chicks Ruffle Sundress-SOLD!

Size 3- Easter Eggs Mulit Flitterbug Dress-SOLD!

Size 3- Bunny Stripes Flitterbug Dress-SOLD!

Size 4- Easter Bunnies Flitterbug Dress

Size 5- Flower Baskets Pink -SOLD!


  1. Hey Julie! I put the t-shirt contact info on my blog in the comment section for you girls who wanted it! also, where at online are you finding all this adoption info on congo, i would like to find out more!

  2. your dresses are gorgeous.. all your outfits are!


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