Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Domestic Agencies Who Need Families For AA Babies!!

Since learning about the great need for families for African American children within the States...I have been doing a lot of research on domestic agencies. Basically...all domestic agencies have a need for families for AA children. (I won't get on my soap box about that...at least not now!) Most agencies have fund a large portion of AA adoptions, therefore making your total cost lower. I dream of the day when ALL children are highly sought, making all domestic adoptions the same price, not having to "lure" families by lower fees!Here are a few of my "favorite" domestic agencies:

Covenant Care: this is the agency we are working with, and my family has a long, close relationship with this ministry, so I'm kind of partial. (And on a selfish side... don't everyone sign up and lengthen our weight time. :) Just kidding. I know God will bring us the birthmother He has planned, the baby He has knit together at the perfect time He sees fit (even if all you adoption lovin' families are on the list!) ....man it want it to be now! :)It's about families for children, not just children for families! I love Covenant Care and the respect and love they have for birthmothers. Most CC adoptions are semi-open. *** You may want to note that AA birthmothers prefer to choose AA families...and families that live within the state of Georgia****

Christian Adoption Services: This agency does both domestic and international adoption. Again...many AA children need homes! CAS deeply cares for the well being of birthmothers. Very impressed with them.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions: I am very impressed with this agency..and how neat is this?!? They do embryo adoptions. If you have every wanted to save a "snowflake" baby from termination.... here is a great agency for you! Hum....embryo adoption....might need to start talking to hubby about that one :)

Open Door Adoptions: They have an URGENT need for families to adopt AA babies and there is currently a very short wait time on having a baby placed in your home.

Bethany: if we choose to put our profile in the hands of more than one agency.... this is another agency we will contact! Again, they have a great need for families for AA babies. One of the most reputable domestic/international agencies around!

Colorado Christian Services: based in CO, put places babies in all 50 states. A great agency..with a need for AA placements. This agency obviously cares deeply for birthmothers.

Georgia Agape: In GA, but places in all states. They believe "every child deserves a family"...love that!

Christian Family Services: based in FL...but places all over the nation. A reputable agency.

Adoption Associates: they have a great, immediate need families. Babies are soon to be born, and
need a family! If you are homestudy ready...please consider contacting them. I cannot imagine what a birthmother must feel when she has so very few profiles to choose from!

Kenny and I have been blown away by the response we have received on our domestic adoption. I have been flooded with emails of people wanting to know more... and am praising the Lord for it. I never imagined that He may use us in some teeny tiny was to advocate for African American children and to advocate for the rights and love of birthmothers...but daily He is making that possible. I find myself lifting my hands in praise to Him! I love talking adoption, mommying and family. I pray some of you may search these links, find an agency that stirs your heart..and begin the process of bringing your child home!

If you are in the domestic process...be sure to go here and leave your link so that we can all connect!


  1. Here is the link to our embryo adoption blog:

    We have both adopted children as well as embryos.

    2 Jens

  2. This is such great information! It is so hard to believe, with all of the couples waiting to adopt out there, that these babies and their Moms have no choices of families to choose from. It is so heartbreaking. When we started talking adoption, I felt led to Ethiopia too, until I started hearing about this issue. Now, I truly feel if we adopt, this is where the Lord is leading us, right here in the US. I guess we will see....I'm leaving it all up to Him!

  3. When I click on your link, it has www.blogger.com in front of it, so it's not working. Just thought I'd mention it.

  4. OOPs...I'll try and fix those links!

  5. OK, I think the links are right now!

  6. Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I can't stay this morning, but I will be back tonight after the kiddos are in bed to read lots more!

  7. thanks for these links! we brought our son home from Africa last fall and are praying about a domestic adoption right now.
    i appreciate these!


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