Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 Years Ago Today....

Two years ago today, the Lord blessed our family with Samuel Elias. The day of his birth was very different than when Evangeline and Landis were born. It took a lot of heartache, pain, waiting, doctor's visits, ER visits, tears, phenegran, zophran, sonograms, castor oil (ha-ha, it did not work!) fainting and hemorrhaging to get him here....and it was worth every minute! Samuel shocked us at weighing 8lbs, 11 oz. Our sweet little lard bucket!(Ugh...I'm looking rough. Think I was questioning the sanity of another natural labor at this point :)
Samuel has been a joy, delight and challenge from the start! He is our wild child. He manage to loose, break or eat everything he can get his hands on. A little firecracker, Samuel is my "heart attack a day" baby. He bumps, bruises, cracks, falls and crashes constantly! I have enjoyed every minute of Samuel first two years. He has reminded me daily how precious life is, and how great the responsibility and privilege of parenting is. I am guilty of cuddling and spoiling sweet Samuel to the point of pathetic.... and am not apologizing for it! :) Time passes too quickly....I do not want to miss a single smile, hug or slobbery kiss!
Happy Birthday to our little butterball. We love you! We celebrate you today....and look forward to you becoming a big brother very soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe he is *two* already!!! Happy birthday to Samuel!


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