Thursday, March 18, 2010

What to Do With All of Those Adoption Tees!

I have a growing, not-so-mild obsession: Adoption Tees.

Because I want to help bring peanuts home. Because I love talking about adoption. Because why wear any ole shirt when you can purchase one that will change the World. Because I want to be a walking billboard.

I think many of you are with me on that. :) Sooo, what to do with your treasure adoption tees as they wear out...or as you just need a reason to need more?!? Because you know you could never send those priceless pieces of cotton to the rag bag.

My friend Rachel makes lovely quilts out of tee shirts. It works like send her your old tees...and in a few weeks, you receive a beautiful, one of a kind, comfy, cozy, keep as a family heirloom, tell all your grandkids about those adoption shirts.....Tee Shirt Quilt.

How neat would it be to have a quilt made out of all the adoption tee shirt fundraisers you bought to help bring home children from your child's orphanage. Your peanut could sleep under these reminders of her little friends....who are now also at home with their forever family. Have shirts left over from your fundraiser??? Kids outgrown their shirts??? I love this idea!

Head on over and check out Rachel's talent HERE at "Little Spinney". Then go grab up your adoption tees......and place a few orders for new ones! :)


  1. love that idea and hey if any of you reading this need to add to your collection...we have adoption t-shirts we are selling...hee hee (nice plug huh?) :0)

  2. Hey Julie! I just wanted to say hi and tell you that my husband and I have decided to go with covenant care also! We are sooooo excited! We got their link thru kristi j.'s blog and decided that is where we need to be. you can check us out at (just ignore the header...we were going with holt to korea but feel a stronger calling for domestic since there is such a great need for adoptive families to adopt african american!) ps. we also have shirts, two of them that we designed. lol.

    Much Love!
    Kristin in Kentucky


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