Friday, September 18, 2009

Fundraiser Friday! (Sorry, a little late:)

I spent the morning at a consignment sale, waiting in line for an HOUR for a $4 pair of shoes. If you have never been to a M.O.P.S consignment sale, it is sort of an insane right of passage to being a deal seeking mom..... though I have found you really have to SEEK to find any type of deal at these things... that being said, I did find a great $4 pair of Sunday shoes for Landis, and the kids waited so well in the hour long "express"lane".

I have found a few great adoption/ orphan care fundraising sites that I want to share with you. If you have a site, or know of one, add it to the link list, or email me and I will add it on!

* I love this site! Here (147 million orphans) you can find unique shirts and even jewelry made by women in Uganda... the money goes to help feed their village! You can read about the people of this village, and the AMAZING young lady who feeds them here
*Stephanie sells really cute bows to help fund their upcoming domestic adoption.... I love her blog! She also has a lot of links to other adoption fundraiser sites
*Shades of Us is an amazing site... you can purchase coffee, jewelry, art prints... all sorts of things and the profits go to the villages from which the items were made. You can also do a catalog sale with their products for your own fundraiser

Maybe one of these sites will inspire you to buy adoption gifts for Christmas this year.... if you have a site, email me or leave your link below!

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