Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smocking Sell!!!

At present I am not taking orders for custom smocking, but I will be posting a few of my kiddos handmades to sell. I have been going through some of the stuff I have smocked for them over the years and have a few to offer to you. These are sale prices, as the dresses have been worn! All profits from these garments will go to boost our adoption fund! If you see something you want to buy, just email me.... first email "wins" the sale:) More to come over the rest of the week!

Size 18 month- Silk dupion angel sleeve dress with french laces and smocked bishop "collar"
The silk is off white and the laces are candlelight colored. Smocking is on white swiss batiste and the sleeves and hem are hemstitched. This is a size 18 month, but Evangeline wore it until she was about 3!

Size 24 month- This is a flannel type material... Evangeline wore it one Easter in Colorado (it always snowed at Easter.. so I opted for a warm material!) The collar and sleeve bands have a hand bridging stitch.... lots of bullion flowers! There is a sash in the back.... the hem is about 6" deep and can be let out for longer wear

Yellow Tulip Sundress- Size 4
This can be worn year round... add a turtleneck for the winter! 100% cotton with little yellow tulip. Evangeline wore this A LOT, so I am only asking $20 for it

Turkey Shirt- size 18 months- This could be worn on an infant as a dress, or with leggings or jeans... I think we squeaked 3 years out of if! The material is pima cotton... so soft!

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