Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evangeline is 6!

Yesterday, our baby girl turned 6! I had planned on posting a picture of the day she was born, but I cannot find that disk... a few weeks ago I put the disk in a "safe place" so I wouldn't loose it, and now I can't find it.... am I the only one who does crazy stuff like that?

We started the day with pancakes (she ate them in the car before we headed into Kroger :) See the cute birthday shirt MiMi found her :)

We then came back and did school... MiMi came to visit and brought pizza (health was out the window as we ate Evangeline's favorite food all day)... all day Evangeline was anxious for the long awaited moment when Kenny would come home and we could have her cake and gifts! Evangeline requested that I not make her cake this year(snif, snif)so for the first time she got to choose a cake. Actually this was not her first choice..... she wanted the big, beautiful, pricey cake...I had to herd her down to the more budget style items. I then had to say and spell out her name about 15 times for the baker to put it on the cake :)
Evangeline loved the little Hello Kitty play set she got... now if I can only keep Samuel from swallowing the pieces :)
Each time I am out at the store, inevitably I will have an older lady tell me "how they remember when theirs were that young" and "how time flies". They are so right. It makes my heart almost hurt to think of what a sweet baby Evangeline was and how I wish I could hold her and keep her young and innocent forever. And yet, I also long to watch her grow up and see the young lady she becomes. Today, as much and even more than ever, my prayer and greatest desire is to "see that my children are walking in the truth". Looking back over the past 6 years, if there is one thing I wish I had done more of, one thing I desire to do more of, is PRAY for my children. No amount of ground wheat, organic home grown veggies, handmade clothes, even an excellent education will give them the foundation they need for life as a relationship with the Savior will. HE is life itself! It is so easy for me to fill up my day with good things to do with and for my kids... and leave the heart issues for another day, another time... yet we are only promised this moment now... we have no idea what tomorrow will bring! May we, may I not miss this precious time the Lord has entrusted to me with with my little ones!
Happy 6th Birthday Evangeline Betsy!

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