Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Boys

Landis and Samuel have played really well this week, which has blessed my heart. Samuel has started to try and "play" cars with Landis, not just grab them, squeal and run away in delight! A common game in our home is Peter Pan; Evangeline is Tinkerbell, Landis is Peter and they have dubbed Samuel Captain Hook :) A few weeks ago, Landis began asking to feed Samuel. He is a sweet big brother and he does a pretty good job of feeding our "butterbean". It has become a part of our morning routine. Enjoy these pics of my boys! (Yes, those are dishes and a huge pile of laundry in the background :)
On a "flitterbugs" side note, tonight I am working on my boys design idea and some winter plans. Tomorrow, some cute fabrics, including flannels for nightgown should be delivered. Check back soon to see the new stash!

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  1. Hi Julie! Can't wait to see the boys design! Little Joshua (almost one) would love to wear one of your cute outfits. I'm excited for you as you pursue adoption from Ethiopia, and I'll be praying for you as you begin this journey. -Elizabeth Harper Brannen


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