Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our First ER Child

Somehow we managed to go almost 6 years of having kiddos and have not had to visit the ER with any of them. I've always thought our wild child Samuel would be the first to break, crack or "bleed" something, and he came out in style yesterday! Just as Kenny's parents walked through the door for a weekend visit from Mobile, Samuel had a small tumble off the couch and managed to crack his collar bone. He was sooo sweet at the ER, and was pretty excited about all of the equipment. He layed still for his X-rays and to get fitted in a brace. The brace hasn't seemed to bother him a bit, but he wasn't too sure what to think of his hospital bracelet :) So, what are we to do to help him heal?? Keep an 18 month old STILL for the next few WEEKS !!!! The brace does help quite a bit, but Samuel cries and is in a lot of pain if any pressure is put on his right shoulder/ collar bone. He can't roll over or get up off of the floor from a sitting position :( I foresee getting to hold and love on my baby boy A LOT over the next few weeks..... I'm kind of looking forward to babying my baby!

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  1. Oh the sorry! Sadly to say we too have been there once. Let me know if you need any help. I'd love to keep E and L anytime.


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