Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whale Blubber

This has been a bit of a brutal week..... lots of whining and complaining at our house! Weeks such as this make me think, "am I totally missing the boat ?" and leave me reaching for my parenting books. Discipline and consistency seems so futile on whiny days, but I am praying for the strength to buck up and keep at it! On an up note, we have settled into a good school routine and.... I made my goal of having a "eat from the pantry challenge" for the week and did not go to the grocery store! I took a break from all of the sewing today (as I plan to do A LOT this weekend) and did some fun crafts with the kids. Evangeline and Landis sat at the table and did play dough, and I finally got around to painting a little something to hang over Landis's bed. It definitely is NOT as cute as what my sister-in-law made for sweet baby Pearce (go here to see her art!) but at least I got it finished and hung in about an hour and a half.

A little conversation from our day:

(At lunch)

Evangeline:"Mom, could I have some whale blubber?"

Me, confused:"HUH?"

Evangeline, totally seriuos, pointing to the turkey lunch meat:"That, the whale blubber"

We don't eat much lunch meat around here, but I think it officially has a new name :)

Here is Samuel, all healed up from his collar bone accident.... as WILD and STRONG WILLED as ever.... and sooo sweet. He jabbers all the time, but the only 3 articulate words (or rather, commands) he says are: "Ma-Ma", "ba-ba" (drink) and "SCAT" (to the cat, roosters, siblings:)

I've done a bit of re-arranging and updating on my site.... let me know what you think and if anything is confusing or not well explained so I can tweak it! If you have a picture of your little one in a flitterbug and would like me to post it here, just email it to me! We did the math, and approximately 700 flitterbug dresses will be the difference between a little girl growing up in an orphanage or in our arms!

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