Friday, July 2, 2010

So Hubby...ya wanna?

Adoption has revealed a whole new world to me...the adoption blogging world. It is a welcoming, wonderful, happy place, where you get to know ladies by their blog title, best family pictures and know to the hour how old their children are, thanks to Lillypie widgets. One of my virtual friends, Andrea, is coming home from Ethiopia with her new son Isaac to introduce him to his Daddy and siblings tonight. Andrea has encouraged me, loved me, inspired me and provided my kiddos with many craft ideas over the past year. The best part? She lives in Georgia:) So, a couple of weeks ago, I ask hubby:

"Ummm, can the family drive an hour and a half away to the airport at 10:00 at night to hang out at baggage claim with a bunch of people we do not know to watch a lady we have never met come off the plane with a sweet little boy? We will all wear our favorite adoption tees, hold signs and take more video footage then we did at out wedding....then return home well after midnight and totally pay for it the next day. So....ya wanna?"

"Sure. Let's go!"
I love my hubby. And I think we are turning into weirdos.
We are stoked to be heading out tonight to hang with other weirdos, such as Melissa, and Kristi and the Young family. I have heard adoptive families say that airport homecomings are totally addictive. We are off to find out!


  1. awesome! I cannot wait to see the video footage and pics from all you girls! :0)

  2. I would totally be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except our drive would be much much much longer :) I think you are totally normal for this...and I love that your hubby agrees :) Mine too!

  3. Loved loved meeting you tonight!!!!! Your family is precious! Yes, you are right, adoptive homecomings are addictive and I've only been to two! Hope the ride home was peaceful with three sleeping babies. Can't wait to tell Leslie I met you tomorrow!! See you soon!


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