Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "Sarah" Skirt and "Miller" Apron!

A Flitterbug for Girls and Ladies...... The "Miller Apron!
Feminine and fun....great for girls and ladies! Perfect for you Mom, Aunt, neighbor or as a hostess gift.
Choose 2 to 3 different fabrics for me to make your apron out of, or tell me your favorite and I will pick a coordinate to go with it!
Comes Sizes:
Girls: Small (1-4), Medium (5-8) and Large (10-12)
Ladies: Small to Medium (2-8) Medium to Large (10 and up)
And new skirt design......The "Sarah" Skirt
You choose the length.....long and lovely or wear short with leggings!
Choose up to 1,2,3 or up to 4 different fabrics! The "Sarah" skirt is fun....there is not a "front" or "back", so your little one can mix it up! Great for a year round, weekday and Sunday skirt. The elastic waistband makes for an easy will get many seasons out of a "Sarah" Skirt!

On a side has been brought to my attention that my site could be competing with another adoptive families site. I do not desire a spirit of competition or frustration between families on the same journey and with the same heart. I pray that adoptive families can journey together and fund raise alongside each other with encouragement, not competition! I apologize and am deeply sorry if I have upset or offended any of you with my site. That being said, I am working very hard to go back, change and "tweak" my patterns and draft new patterns and ideas so that I do not impose on "Poppy Dip". So, you will notice a few changes in the coming weeks. I must pray and trust that the Lord will bring the customers and provide the finances needed to fund our current and future adoption. If you do not like the changes that I make (or if you are not in adoption blog world and have no idea what I am talking about!) then by all means head over to "It's Poppy Dip" and help Sallee and her family on their journey to their 3rd adoption from Ethiopia. I look forward to seeing the little one the Lord has set apart for Sallee and her family!


  1. i think its great that there are two of you doing this...i also think its sad if anyone makes you feel otherwise! Keep doing what your doing and Poppy dip the same! You both make amazing stuff and you both seem to have wonderful hearts!

  2. I 100% agree with April! Both of you are very talented and both of you are doing it for the greatest reason, your children! I'm sorry if you have gotten negative comments! Can't wait till I know if my babies are boys or girls and how big because I will be placing an order for some cutie clothes from you!

  3. There are plenty of orders to go around! No need to feel bad about offering great dresses and items alongside another great lady sewing dresses for the same cause. God is BIG enough to bless both:) Love your heart!


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