Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Few of Your Questions......

Lately, I have been receiving many emails with much the same questions. I thought I'd answer a few of them here:)

***How old are you? I've been fielding this one for awhile now:) I just turned 28. Kenny and I got married a year out of high school, had Evangeline 14 months later, Landis 15 months after Evangeline, lost a little one in a pretty traumatic miscarriage when Landis was 17 months old, then had Samuel a few days after Landis turned 3 (and Samuel missed being a leap year baby by just a few hours!)

***When do you have time to sew? That's a good question. I think the enormous pile of laundry on my floor and a desperately needs to be weeded garden is a pretty good answer:) In all honesty, we do not have a tv, and the children and I stay at home all the time, for the most part. It is amazing just how many hours are in the day when you do not spend anytime in your car or catching a few minutes of news or the Duggars every so often. (Though I would really like to watch the Duggars!)

***Where do you buy your fabric? My favorite places to buy fabric are:, Hancocks-paducah, Marie Madeline Studio, the Fat Quarter Shop and Fabric Depot. (All online stores)

***** What patterns do you use? I love, love, love Porta-bella Pixie pattern, Children's Corner and Indigo Junction. The "Ruffled Sundress", "Katie" and The "Silly Skirt" (to come on Monday!) are all ones I have drafted. "Katie" is a VERY, VERY altered version of a smocked bishop. You can find lots of patterns on Etsy, if you do not like to make you own! Also, WalMart carries "New Look" patterns for $3.44, and they are really cute! I think I have altered in some form or fashion every pattern I have ever used. (Sort of like the way my Momma taught me to cook!) These are my favorite casual patterns. For smocking or heirloom sewing, it a different list.

*****When are you going to teach a couping class? Ok, I am working on this! I have been mulling over my calendar for awhile now and I think the beginning of September will be the first weekend I can possibly do it.

****What homeschooling curriculum so you use? I am by no means a pro at homeschooling! I am learning a lot, and love it more and more each year. In 5K, my goal is to lay a firm foundation for reading. I will have to write a post on this (one day!) to better explain my reasoning and the whys, but I do not start any formal schooling with my kids until 5K. Once we get going, we become best friends with phonics. My kids have done really well learning to read with magnetic letters on the fridge. We also write letters and sound out words in pudding :) There are SO MANY wonderful curriculums out there. For our budget and the classical style of education we like, Memoria Press is our favorite. I started the 5K curriculum with Landis a few weeks ago, and by 2 weeks in, he was slowly beginning to sound out basic CVC words. It is not a fancy or "lots of manipulative" types of curriculum, which we love:)

*******Do you have a sewing room? I think my husband would say I do have a sewing room, we just don't have a bedroom:)

****Is Covenant Care taking out of State Applications? Covenant Care (our adoption agency) is NOT taking out of state applications for Caucasian families seeking to adopt an African American baby. In a nutshell, birthmothers do not want to make a plan of adoption with a family who lives out of state. (All CC birthmothers are in the state of Georgia.)

Ok , so that is a lot of randomness:) Back to my "sewing room":) I have 2 more dresses to finish and I will be all caught up and ready to ship out all orders! Monday will be a clean slate, and I will post more sale clothes and the new skirt, apron and dress patterns!

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