Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Katie" Dress SALE!!!

"Katie" dresses...just $20 each....shipping is included in the price.
Just email me or leave a comment if you would like to buy one. I will mail them out in the morning. Scroll down to see sizes and a description......
The "Katie" dress is Evangeline's favorite...a turtleneck fits great underneath for a year round dress!
(left to right)
Size 18-24 months: Limeade-SOLD
Size 2: Plain Jane Aqua
Size 2: Buggy Sage-SOLD
Size 3: Roesbuds-SOLD
Size 4: Le Poulet Pink and Orange
Size 4: Paisley Frogs Blue
Size 5: Ambrahic Tiles Orange-SOLD
Size 5: Eiffel Tower-SOLD
Size 5: Poppy Oz-SOLD
Size 6: Spring Flowers-SOLD
Size 6: Splashy Rose-SOLD

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  1. Hey julie I will take either 1 of the size 6 for felicia...thanks kristie


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