Monday, July 26, 2010

Flitterbugs at the Beach:)

My wonderful parents let me and the kids bum a trip to the beach with them:) It was such a special week, and would have been just perfect had Kenny been able to come. For the kabillionth time, sweet Evangeline let me take some Flittebug pictures. Yes, she did get the promised trip to the shell shop afterwards!

I am finishing up the last of a stash of 'Katie" dresses for a sale tomorrow....and an apron sale to come later in the week!


  1. Such an adorable little model!! I can't wait to see you guys in August! ~Katie

  2. love it! question...could do you a shirt with Isaac's name on it and on the back have it say "worth the wait" and if so, how much would it be?

  3. Great Pictures! Glad you had some time to relax:0) How close are you to Sparta TN? We will be visiting there (and Nashville) soon....


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