Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Week and a Sneak Peak at New Designs!!!

(Kenny says I never post any pictures of him, so here's a sweet one he and Samuel took today :)
We have been doing a bit of baking and crafting this week for Christmas. The kiddos love to celebrate and the anticipation and excitement in their eyes is contagious. On Wednesday, we made up about 17 pints of a bean soup mix to give as gifts this year. It is a yummy, healthy recipe, and frugal! Evangeline diligently helped me with the ribbon, while the beans played (er, scattered all over the house!) the extra beans.
I have been looking at/ pricing advent candles for awhile, but pretty much am refusing to buy anything right now. Adoption fundraising has given me a motivation like never before to NOT BUY! Soo, we came up with a way to make our own advent candle with supplies on hand. (I did have to buy 4 candles. They were like 20 cents each :)
I cut four small holes and one large hole in an inverted pie pan (a foil one), and stuck the candles in. Next we glue gunned trimming all around to cover up the pie plate. I'm paranoid about fire, So I used fake trimmings. It turned out great! The 3 purple candles represent the prophecies about Christ, and the red candle represents the sacrifice of Christ. We light one small candle each week preceding Christmas (starting with the 3 purple candles and then on to the red. ) Then on Christmas eve we light the large white (pure and spotless!) candle in the middle. The light of the World has come! It is exciting the watch each candle be lit, leading closer and closer to Christmas day!
Here are a few Flitterbug orders from this week...thank you to everyone who has purchased a dress....they are our baby's ticket home! is a sneak peak at some new patterns! The first week of January I will be adding LOTS of new fabric and patterns. Rompers, reversible sunsuits new dress patterns and ........ much requested DESIGNS FOR BOYS!
You will be able to mix, match and coordinate your kiddos....and each pattern will have a multi-season, "grow with me" appeal. I love outfits my kids can get more than one year out of, so I have found/ made up with patterns that do just that!

Happy Saturday to you all!!

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