Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Little One's Name

For years now we have "known" our little one's name. Over the past few months we have had many conversations with adoptive parents...."do you keep your child's given name as their first name, or give them a first name?" We have choosen to give our baby girl a first name, and keep her Ethiopian name (or, if she was not named by her birth mother, to keep the name the orphanage gave her) as her middle name. The kids and I had a cute way planned to announce her name, but seeing as I have misplaced my camera (again!), our cutsie idea will have to wait.

Her name will be "Eliana", which means, "God has heard and answered our prayers."

How could we name her anything else, this precious child who has been, is, and will be covered in so much prayer! (Evangeline and Eliana can both share the joys of repeating, spelling, pronuncing and explaining their names to everyone :)

Please pray for Eliana, as we journey on through the cliffs and caverns of fundraising!

We are coming, Eliana!


  1. what a meaningful and pretty name. We are praying with you!


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