Monday, July 11, 2011


(So thankful for my little family.....I can't imagine being more blessed! Later this week we will head down to the courthouse and stand before the judge......the twins adoption will be final,official, complete!)

Clearing out fabrics....making room for more!
All Flitterbug Dresses and "Katie" style dresses.....
$25 Shipping included.
Pop on over to pick your fabric.
This sale will run through Friday!

(And thank you to all who have emailed me and left comments about fundraising with Flitterbugs! I am working on a few details, and will let you all know soon!)

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  1. There is nothing more wonderful than getting to "testify" saying YES I WANT TO BE THEIR MOMMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a wonderful feeling. And then getting your documents saying you are for real a legal family :) LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!


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