Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Too Late!

(Eliana helping me sew:)

I was going to end the "Flitterbugs for Poppy Dip" on Wednesday......
But I'm almost caught up on orders and decided to extend it a few more day!
All profits from any order you place through Sunday will go to the Couch family.
Lots of cute fabrics are up....pop on over and take a look!

(Sweet Ansley in her "Katie" dress)

Kenny, the twins and I are off to a few special visit this morning.......
A much prayed for opportunity to meet Jordan and Eliana's birthmother!
I am excited, but also nervous. We would really appreciate your prayers. We pray today will be an opportunity to share the love of Christ, and to let this precious young woman know how deeply we care for her. Thank you for praying!


  1. What a beautiful opportunity - to meet their birth mother! Praying it goes really well for all of you!

  2. Oh Julie what an opportunity. Praying all goes well!

    i hope you take lots of pictures for the twins...i would have loved to have pictures like that of my parents + birth mom! :-)


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