Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flitterbugs....for Africa

You have probably heard of the horrific drought that is affecting the Horn of Africa. Approximately 12 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and surrounding countries are being ravaged by lack of rain....and now lack of food.
We have been sponsoring a young girl in Ethiopia through Compassion International for almost 9 years. Her name in Shitaye, and she is now 14 years old. Last week we received news that Shitaye is in an area which is suffering greatly from the drought. Compassion International is working to respond to to this great crisis, and to aid children and families with not nourishment, but the love and hope of Christ.

I am sure like many of you, my heart breaks at the images of hungry children....suffering peoples.

Starting today....and until I get the maximum amount of orders I can reasonably finish.....

 80% of all profits from Flitterbugs will go to Compassion International's efforts to help the Horn of Africa.

Compassion has been within these countries for years, and is wise and effective in the manner in which they distribute aid.

Pop on over and pick out a dress for your little one.....and each time she wears it, pray for those so greatly affected by this drought!

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  1. hi julie! i found you throught Alison at Lovin' much. i ADORE your work and the heart you have for orphans and adoption. we are presently adopting a baby girl from china and as soon as we are matched and i know her size....i'll be ordering. can't wait!!


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