Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flitterbugs For POPPY DIP!

Not too long after starting our adoption journey, I met Sallee. From the start I have loved following the Couch family......and have so much in common with Sallee. We both love to sew, homeschool our kids, have twins, love adoption and both of our hubbies are cabinet builders.
Sallee and her husband have 6 children....3 bio and 3 adopted from Ethiopia. (Aren't they beautiful!) Sallee runs POPPY DIP, and over the past 2 years has sold something like 2,000 POPPY DIP dresses to bring their precious Samson Jude home. Isn't that amazing?!?! This lady can sew!
Only a few short weeks after bringing Samson Jude home, Sallee unexpectedly found out she has cancer. She has undergone several surgeries, hospital stays, complications and now chemo. Tough, hard chemo. Not only has the Couch family had to deal with the emotional, physical, spiritual and logistical details of bringing a little one home just weeks before discovering the medical bills are piling up. Piling up high. Can you imagine? In a way I think none of us can imagine.....but in a way I think we can let ourselves imagine this situation. We just don't want to, because it is gut wrenching and terrifying.
Would you like to help the POPPY DIP family?!?!
You can!
Flitterbugs for POPPY DIP!

From today until Wednesday, June 20th (or until I get so many orders I can't keep up:)
All profits from the sale of Flitterbugs will go to Sallee's family!

Pop over to my HOME page to choose your style, them pick your favorite fabric (I will be posting new fabrics throughout the week).  Hopefully many, many people will order a Flitterbug for POPPY DIP.....I'll sew as fast as I can and hope to have all order shipped to you within 3 weeks!

This is my first "fundraising" endeavor other than our adoption....and I have no idea how much it will raise. Maybe a little, hopefully a lot....guess it depends on you:)
If you don't have a little girl....pop on over to Sallee's site and leave her a word of encouragement. Please pray for Sallee. Her blood levels are so low at the moment that they have had to postpone her current chemo treatment. If you do not want to order a Flitterbug but would like to make a donation to Sallee....let me know and I will help you get it to them!
Praying for you Sallee!!!!!


  1. So glad you are doing this for them, Julie! I would love to order some Flitterbugs to help them!!!

  2. Julie You are an Angel! I will be praying for Sallee & her family.

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