Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 Months Home

I can't believe that today marks 6 months since Jordan and Eliana were placed in our arms.

For 6 months we have had the joy and privilege of loving them.

For 6 months now we have had the blessing of watching them grow and thrive....

...of hearing every coo and soothing every cry.

For 6 months, the sacredness of life and the divine ways of the Lord have been a constant presence in out home.

My heart today is full of joy.....but also sadness.

Sorrow that today, not every child in America will be viewed as sacred.

Not every child will be "worthy" enough for life.

Young women will be threatened, coerced, pushed and even bribed into a "choice" of convenience.

"Doctors" will pocket money, parents and boyfriends will be spared "embarrassment" and responsibility, politicians will pridefully debate their "protection" of women.....

and those women will be haunted by a life time of hurt and guilt.

Today, close to 3,800 children will be denied their right to life.

Close to 3,800 will not take their first breath, but will succumb to the abortionist's knife.

That's a lot of Caylee Anthonys.

Is our society really so surprised when we say that life has no value, and then people go and de-value life?

Today, we celebrate 2 precious lives that have great value!

We celebrate a birthmother who fought for the right of those lives!

I long for the day when we as a nation celebrate 3,800 precious lives each day who are given life......

what a celebration that will be!


  1. I love your passion and am too so grateful for a birthmother that chose life!

  2. i LOVE the pic of their feet together


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