Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Winner Is......and a few skirts for sale!

Evangeline and I loved all of your name suggestions for the new little Flitterbugs.
We sorted through suggestions left here, on Facebook and emailed in. You all are some creative ladies! We loved all of your suggestions....finally narrowed it down to 6 (and there were a lot of "Sadies" in that stash!).....then pulled one of those 6 "out of the hat".
This little dress now has a name:
And the winner is:
The "Isabelle"......and Andrea is the winner!
(And if you are not a reader of Andrea's are missing out! This momma has encouraged me so much in my walk with the Lord and love for orphans and widows.)
Andrea...I'll send you an email:)
I also have a few skirts for sale......
Just $15...shipping included!
Just leave a comment or email me if you would like to buy one of these. I will mail them out today....and there are still several dresses left from yesterday's sale....scroll down to see them!
(From left to right)
Size 4-6: Merry Mushrooms-SOLD
Size 6-8: Taxi Trio -SOLD
Size 8-10: Le Poulet Pink and Orange
Size 10-12: Leinaka Love Birds -SOLD


  1. I LOVE the taxi trio skirt! Makes me hope for a little girl so I can buy her some flitterbugs dresses and skirts! And those adorable gouchos you are making now, LOVE!!!

  2. Perfect choice for the name of your new Fall dress! I love the name Isabelle. It was fun helping you pick a name. I hope you do it again sometime. I am Marissa's Grandma in case you wondered. I pray that God blesses your family in everything you do!


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