Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Name That Dress.....and win it!

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of some new styles for the fall......including this dress:(Do you like little E's haircut? It wasn't origionally going to be so short....but I had trouble getting it straight. We just kept going shorter and shorter!)

This little dress needs a better name than the "3-Quarter Length Sleeve Flitterbug"

You have given me some lovely ideas so far! So how about a contest!?!
**Leave a comment or email me with what you would like me to name the dress.
It could be your daughter's name, what the dress makes you think of.....even your name:)
**Evangeline and I will pick our favorites from your comments, and put them "in the hat".
**The name we draw will be the title of this little Flitterbug......and.....
You will win one of these dresses, any size and fabric of your choice!
We will draw the winner on Thursday morning....and check in tomorrow for the $18 end of the summer sale!)


  1. We were thinking " Autumn Grace"
    Hope you like it. My daughter loves this dress!

  2. Autumn burst
    Autumn garden
    Autumn beauty

  3. Hannah-Grace
    Fall Fun Dress (a play on the idea or words " summer sun dress")
    Back to School dress

    That's all for now.
    Kimberly and Hannah-Grace Boswell

  4. Callahan or Callie (my daughters name/ nickname)! Love this dress!

    Leah Schonfeld

  5. Autumn Breeze


  6. The "Lilia Jayne" dress... Lily like the flower and then a short a sound at the end!!! Sooo pretty!

  7. My daughter and I couldn't decide between the Madeline Dress or the Cat Dress. (I like the Madeline dress idea the most since that's her namesake.) Madeline would look so beautiful in that design!

  8. 3/4 Ruth dress
    Autumn Adoption Dress
    azxcccccvbhnjjjjjjko (my 3 yo's contribution)
    Fabulous Fall Flitterbug

  9. how bout the Naomi dress...this is definitely the style for her. It is so pretty!
    P.s.- i love Evangeline's hair...it makes her look older :(

  10. Love the hair! I'm with Cowleen. My daughter's name is Sadie, so I'm all for naming the dress... "The Sadie Dress!"

  11. I like Autumn Peasant or Fall Whimsy


  12. I vote for "The Kelby"...something a bit different, but easy to say and easy to spell (and sell!) :)


  13. Autumn Angel! This is so pretty that whoever wears this will be a Autumn Angel.

  14. The AJ (Autumn Joy)!!! I love that!! What a beautiful dress! You are going to sell a ton of those!!

    mypatzer at yahoo dot com

  15. Marissa and I like "Autumn Princess" or Marissa said you could name it "Flower."

  16. Fairy Festive is my DHs awesome suggestion.
    Or my 5 year old, who can't get over the fabric choice, wants it called Dot.Heart


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