Saturday, August 7, 2010

20% off sale....through Monday!

Would you like to get 20% off of any order?
Just follow Flitterbugs on Facebook HERE, and you can get 20% off of any order placed between now and Monday at midnight. Just let me know you are a follower when you place your order:)
I have a big stash of dresses for an end of the summer $18 sale.....PLUS some new designs:
*Gauchos for girls
*Wide Ruffle pants
*Double Ruffle pants
*A new quarter length sleeved top and dress
I had planned on posting pictures today.....but my pitiful little camera finally bit the dust. So, pictures will have to wait until Monday (when I can borrow my parents':)
The kiddos and I have been having such fun this week putting up corn, visiting the peach farm and canning peaches and jams, ordering the last bits of this year's homeschooling material and enjoying (um.....wishing away:) these last few days (um...weeks/months here in Georgia!) of summer. Life is full and good...and each day that passes brings us closer ot our little one. Thank you for being a part!

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