Wednesday, August 11, 2010

$18 End of the Summer SALE!!!!!!

These dresses are made and ready to mail out today....first come first serve. Wear with a turtleneck as a winter jumper....or buy ahead for next year. (Or if you live in the South....wear for the next 3 months of summer we have remaining:)
The cost is $18 each....shipping is included!
To buy a dress...just email me ( or leave a comment letting me know which ones you would like.
(I will mark the dresses as "Sold" as they sell off!)
Size 24 months-Fantasy Blue (has a blue background...not white:)- SOLD
Size 2
-Plain Jane Aqua -SOLD
Size 3
-Spiro Dots-SOLD
Size 4- Le Poulet Pink and Orange
Size 4- Plain Jane Navy Flowers -SOLD
Size 4
-Paisley Frog Blue-SOLD
Size 5- Paradise Garden-SOLD
Size 6- Taxi Trio-SOLD
Size 6-
Hunky Dory Leaves Blue-SOLD
Scroll down to yesterday's post and enter to win the new style Flitterbug Dress!
Come back tomorrow for a "Sarah Skirt" end of the summer sale...and I promise sizes for older girls:)
Thank you all....and have a blessed Wednesday!


  1. so can I buy the 24 month one? --Jill

  2. WHOOO!!! I have been wanting to sew for Sarah...(I'm guessing it's for her:) I have you down Jill!


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