Monday, August 9, 2010

Sneak Peak at New Styles......

I have been working on a few new...and some "tweaked" designs for the fall.
I have been asking some of you ladies, and you all agree....."whimsy" is the style you like:) Evangeline was not too happy about modeling in the triple digit heat for me.
The quarter length sleeve Fliterbug Dress.....hum, need to think of a different name for it. Any ideas? You can choose 2-3 fabrics for this dress, and it has an elastic waist for a more fitted look. A turtleneck fits great under this dress....but no, I did not ask E to try that out fo me:)
Girlie Gauchos
.....come in girl's sizes 1 to 14. Choose 2-3 fabrics. Fun pockets on the front, and the waistband in a coordinating print!

The Wide Ruffle Pants
Little girlies grow up too fast.....I'm lovin' some ruffles while she will still let me!
Choose 2 fabrics, and I can make them the length you would like.
Do you love to dress your Flitterbug in the most funky of styles?!?
.....The Double Wide Ruffle Pants.....
Choose up to 3 fabrics...
more pics to come!


  1. Oh my goodness those pocket gauchos are ADORABLE!!! If you name the new dress the Sadie, I'll buy 2 ;)

  2. My daughter loves that dress!

  3. Very cute styles! You could call the first dress, "Baby Doll Dress" isn't that what they use to call these with the bodice at the top? Just an idea no pressure to use it. Hope you are doing well. (:

  4. I love the new design on the first dress. Immediately made me think that the style is Elizabethan... Maybe you could call it the Elizabeth?

  5. beautiful designs Julie and i love evanglines hair short...she is just goregous!!!

  6. LOVE them all!!!!! So precious!!!


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