Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home, SALE and Fabrics!

After spending a wonderful week in our old hometown of Westcliffe, Colorado...we are home. It was a wonderful week.....and I am refreshed and ready to get my machine humming:)
How about an "Isabelle" sale!?!?!
The "Isabelle" dress is typically $38 each....but Tuesday through Saturday....any Isabelle dress is
just $25
This is the only time I will offer the "Isabelle" dress at just $25.....go ahead and buy them up for the fall! You can also add a turtleneck under the Isabelle for an extra warm dress.
You can look at the new fabrics I have purchased HERE......just email me (jubug231 @ aol.com) with the size dress and fabric you would like!

I am already missing the mountains.... but thankful to be back home! We are still waiting patiently for "the call", eager to meet our newest little one and know our birthmother by name.

Thank you for being a part of our adoption journey!


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