Saturday, August 22, 2009


Why? This is typically the first thing someone asks when I tell them we are adopting from Ethiopia. This question leaves me... speechless. "Really"? I want to ask. "REALLY"? I suppose I should not be so tough, and realize not everyone spent high school study hall reading over orphan statistics and searching adoption agencies. Yes, we have biological children. Yes, it costs a lot. Yes, we will half to be totally consumed over the next few months with fundraising and paperwork. Yes, we will have to leave our kids here as we both travel to Arfica to pick up our child. WHY? In Ethiopia alone, there are over 4.6 Million orphans. Less than 5% will ever be adopted. There is 1 Doctor to every 24,000 children. One in 10 kids will die before their 1st birthday. 1 in 6 will die before they turn 10. Only 24% of people have any access to safe drinking water. The average life expectancy is 37 years old. Famine, drought, AIDS, poverty and internal conflict have and are reaking all havock on this country. Why adopt? How can we not? For years we have felt the call to adopt, and we belive to time is now. Yes, in the midst of a recession, while Kenny is in seminary, with young kids... now is the time. Each day orphans children are dying, and we CAN fufill our call to Christ and help. You know what? We are all going to die one day. No amount of playing it safe, building up wealth or buying warrenties will extend our life of luxury here on earth. WE GET TO LIVE ONCE! I desire to live life to the full, expanding the kingdom the best of my ability. Does, this mean risk? Yes! But we are soliders of the cross, not cowards of it. We have choosen not to wait for "the perfect time when nothing is going on and we have a lot of money" to take on active part in giving a home to an orphan. (That "perfect" day will never come!) Forbid that we should stand before the throne one day and say, "I am sorry, it was too much effort. It just may have not been safe." Following Christ should push us out of our comfort zone to spread His hope to all of the nations. What if? What is you get sick in Ethiopia? What if the child you adopt has a parasite? (95% chance of that) What is they need counseling one day? What is people make comments about having a biracial family? What if?..... My questions.... What if we get they chance to love a child? What if God has specailly designed our family for this little one? What is we are the answer to a dying mothers plea? What if this child has a chance to be raised in a covenant home learning about Christ? What if this child grows up, has a family, and raises that family for Christ? What if generations come from this child who also choose to take part in the lives of "strangers in there distress" around the World? What is we sit back, relax and miss it all? What if this was your child hungry, sick and alone? What is you died, and no one came to the aid of your child? What is no one took it upon themselves to do good, but always waited for someone else to come along? What if?....

There are 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia. With the help and joy of the Lord, we pray that by this time next year, there will be 4.6 million, minus one.

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  1. Julie,

    I am a friend of Wendy Rankine's she had posted about your dresses on her facebook. I clicked on it thinking I might like to buy a dress for my new daughter, who is 7, we adopted her from Russia! So, I understand your whys, and it's unfortunate we have to explain our whys, but not everyone's heart is the same. I can tell you it won't be easy, I can tell you the paperwork is hard, I can tell you there is a lot of money involved (we spent almost twice that)
    But I can also tell you that it is like labor, the second it is over and you have that child you forget the pain of the wait, paperwork, money, etc...
    So God Bless you and your journey, I will be following along and praying for you.


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