Monday, August 24, 2009

Do I Have Other Designs?

A few ladies have wondered if the are any other pattern choices available. For quite some time I have looked for the "perfect dress" to sell. My goal: find a pattern which uses limited material and does not require an extreme amount of time to construct. The purpose of this is to keep costs low for a customer! I want as many people as possible to be able to be a part of our adoption (if they want to be!). There are tons of unique, precious patterns to sew, but many of these require lots of material and loads of time which means... a cute, but pricy dress for you ladies. So, in the words of my wise friend Claire, I'm trying to "keep it simple". Years of sewing for people has taught me that too much choice can often make things complicated and frustrating. I aim to make beautiful dresses that little girls will love to wear, without letting my home, homeschooling and family run totally into the ground. And.... its all for the sake of a little one in Ethiopia!

That being said, I will be posting some ideas on "wintering" a flitterbug dress, and to give you a heads up... I will be rolling out a design for the boys in the next few weeks!

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