Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Little Flitterbug

Evangeline is such a girly-girl. Loves a "twirly dress" ..... flitterbug dresses are perfect for her!


  1. I saw Evangeline, or as Daniel refers to her now, Valentine, in her dress tonight and I want you to know we will be ordering three. However, I have to save up for it but it won't take too long. I love the Thanksgiving fabric and and trying to decide if I need to buy a theme and only let the girls wear for a few weeks. I really want to support you and Kenny on this endeavor. So proud of you two!
    And, glad to have a way to talk to my friend Julie!!

  2. Hey Julie, I've enjoyed looking at your blog! Now I want to say, "pick me, pick me!" Ha, ha! Anyway, I'm excited about getting Katie's dress, I plan to order one for Susannah, I'm wondering if Caroline might be too old for one, but who knows, she might want one too when she sees her sisters' dresses!

    Tara Jelley


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