Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still going.......

Our weekend in pictures:)
Sweet Jordan in on the move...and he is fast.
I'm beginning to think that right eye is going to stay bright blue...hasn't changed yet!
The kids love painting anything. This particular day...they painted rocks:)
My sweet little girls...who are pretty much inseparable!
I love my hubby! Tomorrow is our 9th Anniversary!
The peanuts are the little prince and princess of the house....the big kids spend a lot of time pushing them around in the laundry basket:)
Sweet Landis....after painting the rocks....he set up a "store" and sold his to me. I now have no money and a stash of blue rocks:) 

I am going to keep taking "Flitterbugs.....for Africa" orders throughout the remainder of the week and weekend. Thank you to all who have placed an order! I am trying to get the dresses made and to you just as quickly as possible. I'll be sewing for a few more weeks...then take a break as our new homeschooling year begins!

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  1. Love it!!! Our kids do the same with Joanna :) he he he....awww....

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!


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